Looking Angst Ridden

Angst ridden I ponder life
Close my eyes and open lips for prayer
Hope these desperate words reach God somewhere
Heal these broken souls to prevent suicide
Remind that their love and life is justified
Give them peace so that their hearts are satisfied
Despite these sincere prayers hate is magnified
I can’t escape fear and anger’s snare
Realizing hope and faith are elsewhere
Angst ridden I ponder life

This is a Symetrelle, a poetry form created by Julie Moeller. It consists of a single stanza of 10 lines. The first line is a 7 syllable subject line that is repeated as the last line. The first line is followed by a rhyming couplet with 9 syllables per line. The next 4 lines are a quatrain written in monorhyme with 11 syllables per line. The quatrain is followed by another 9 syllable per line rhyming couplet using the same rhyme as the first couplet. It is kind of involved but there isn’t any proscribed meter so that is a blessing.

I’ve been reading the newspaper and unfortunately also listening to the radio. Between the prejudice and violence against refugees there is this growing indifference. It makes my heart ache. The intolerance toward the LGBTQ community is unconscionable. Discrimination is rampant. I had thought that we were making progress yet as long as we recognize “otherness” instead of “sameness” in our neighbors there will be discrimination. I believe that prayer is powerful but so is action. To that end I’ve donated all the bars of soap I’ve collected from hotels in the last couple of years to a church group putting together “hygiene kits” to be distributed to refugees. I am donating food weekly to St. Vincent dePaul Society to feed the hungry in my city. As more opportunities arise I hope I can lend a helping hand….

8 thoughts on “Looking Angst Ridden

  1. The news continues to alarm me and I have to keep reminding myself “God is in Control”. Our post office is collecting food for our large food bank and now I hope to get to the store to prepare a bag.


  2. You are right ,our society is threatened by indifference or intolerance .
    I did not know the ” Société de St Vincent de Paul ” existed in the US .
    Love ❤


  3. Beautiful!
    If everyone felt this way, and lived to serve and help others, the world wouldn’t be so sad…it would be a better place.
    I’ve always made volunteering a part of my life. This past year, one of several things, that I’ve been doing is making up food bags to hand to the homeless people I see in town. They are always grateful, some even cry joy-tears.
    HUGS!!! 🙂


    1. If everyone performed acts of kindness and charity the ripple of love would wash over the world and it would indeed be a much better place… One person and one act at a time. We’ll make a difference if not in the world at least in the world of of person!

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