Looking Relaxed

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. The restaurants will be packed. I’m not planning on going out to dinner but that may change. I’m relaxed about it. As long as I don’t have to put on pantyhose I’m good with whatever plans my husband and sons make to celebrate. I have a card that my sons gave me 2 years ago tucked next to my printer at work. When things get crazy at work, I pull that card out and open it up. It has a recording in it that just cracks me up. It is a chorus of voices singing “You are the bomb, you are the bomb, we love you mom, you are the bomb…” to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. I don’t think I’ll get another Mother’s Day card that will top that one!  Tonight I will go to church which gets me a free pass tomorrow so that I can sleep in. All in all it is a relaxing weekend. We are in “crunch” mode starting next Monday. I have to start packing for vacation. We will be travelling to Atlanta to visit my sister then on to GeoWoodstock XV in Asheville, NC. But until I have to haul the suitcases out Monday night, I’m relaxing! Hope you all have a “chill” weekend – but not a chilly one!

14 thoughts on “Looking Relaxed

  1. just went back to the email. No idea why on the post I saw no post comment. This has happened to me with other word press.

    Enjoy your Mother’s Day and have fun packing.


    1. Yay!! You have discovered me. Welcome to the new blog… Sort of like the old one only I’ve switched to a white background. I’m still trying to figure out all the bells and whistles. It has so many features that remind me of the old Xanga. I’m sort of kicking myself for staying in that “broken” relationship with xanga 2.0.


          1. You’ll get used to it. 🙂
            The only thing I’ve found here that I don’t like is if you leave a comment on somone’s site and you mispell a word, you can’t correct/edit your own comment. 😮 😦


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