Looking at the Look

Sparky and I went to Costco with his parents. We had never been there before and wanted to see what all the excitement was about. Well, it is pretty much just a clone of Sam’s Club. They had lots of stuff from TVs and air conditioners to flowers and food. As we were strolling around checking out the deals, I was checking out the other customers. I tend to people watch when I’m not actively looking to purchase something. Although the other people in the store were much classier than Wal-Mart shoppers, there were still plenty of fashion mistakes! I should have taken photos but I wasn’t sure what the store policy was…

1. The first look was a woman (30-ish) with her husband. She had those shoe/boots that have cutouts on the sides and toe and have a zipper up the back of the heel. She was carrying a huge purse and kept flipping her long blonde hair. The top was one of those with the shoulders cut out. Her jeans were white, in a glow in the dark way, and skinny so that they looked painted on. It wouldn’t have made me take notice except she was “commando”. And I know this because the jeans in addition to being tight were also a little thinner weight denim. She wasn’t a natural blonde. Even Sparky noticed. My MIL said in a not so soft voice that it was obvious that she didn’t own a full length mirror!

2. The second look was a teenager probably a graduating senior. She had opted for the “Daisy Dukes” cut-off jean shorts. And I know it is a fashion thing, but when your butt cheeks hang out the bottom of your shorts, they are too short!

3. The 3rd look was a very elegant and put together woman. She reeked of excess disposable income. She decided to go shopping in a very nice sundress and matching bolero jacket (and hat and purse and earrings). She wouldn’t have made the list except she took the time to strike a pose every couple yards. I looked around but couldn’t see the photographer. At one point she took off her jacket and held it over one shoulder posing. She reminded me of a store mannequin. We left the store and she was still in the produce area practicing her moves for her imaginary photo shoot.

4. In the parking lot we happened upon a young man exiting a car. I thought the car was ugly but Sparky said it was a Viper. Anyway the kid (he didn’t look very old – maybe if you squinted he might pass for 21), was wearing khaki cargo shorts and a white polo shirt. Sounds like standard attire but his shorts were belted just below his behind to expose boxer shorts in a jungle print. I’m not sure how he was able to walk with his pants that low. If you can afford to drive a really expensive car you should be able to afford to buy pants that fit. (Yes I know it is a fashion and that he no doubt was wearing them that way for fashion’s sake.)

5. The last look was shocking and amusing at the same time. I am old and I just can’t deal with low rise pants that want to crawl off my backside. The woman was at least 40 and could well have been 50 and she was wearing a pair of peachy beige low rise capri pants. She looked fine. Fine until she bent over. I just didn’t expect “plummer’s butt in the middle of the aisle. I gasped and Sparky wanted to know why. I explained that it was an involuntary response to what I was seeing. He followed my gaze and did a double take. The color of her pants coupled with the fashion malfunction made her appear to be naked. I was embarrassed for her.

Sparky reassured me that I was dressed with the proper decorum, had no indecent exposures occurring, and was age appropriate. I told Sparky that all of the above are reasons I sold my spandex unitard, most of my yoga pants, and a couple winter tops and sweaters…

7 thoughts on “Looking at the Look

  1. Oh my gosh I so wanted to laugh out loud but didn’t wish to wake any one including the birds. So well written I could picture everyone of them.

    I think it is a wise idea not to take photo’s of people and post them. I used to laugh at the Wal Mart photo’s and then realized how would I like someone to put my photo for the world without my permission? Granted I don’t dress outrageous but after while I began to feel sorry for those being ridiculed online.

    I also wouldn’t take pictures of an adorable child without permission. Once I learned what pedophiles do with photo’s they snatch from online I wouldn’t even put my Grandchild, if I had one, online.

    I bet the posing lady was indeed practicing for a photo shoot coming up. 🙂


    1. I’m tickled that I could make you laugh! The internet is a scary place some times. But then again so is the real world… I’m not sure the lady posing was practicing or if she was just living out her own personal fantasy!! Either way she was very “stuck” on herself.


  2. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😛
    It is fun to people watch!
    Butt, the CostCo I go to (about once every few months) doesn’t have such wildly dressed people! Darn! 😉 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂


    1. Hehe! Yeah, a young thing (size 2) decided she couldn’t do yoga without it… I wore it once and decided that having to strip to go to the bathroom wasn’t worth it.


  3. Ha. I should pay more attention to people. I will never get the thing with the pants belted low to show the boxers. When is that fad going to die! peace & smiles


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