Looking at Ceramics

I haven’t posted any of my ceramic creations here before. The last ceramics session ended last week and I have several orbs that have not been photographed. On Mother’s Day I had a few minutes to myself and took the following picture of Turrilithus latericioides. It is a coccolith located in the Western Mediterranean, the Alboran Sea to be exact. The electron micrograph below has  a scale bar in the lower left corner that is equivalent to 10 micrometers, just to give you an idea of the size. A human red blood cell is 7- 8 micrometers across…

Below is my version in clay. I used a white stoneware for the clay body, applying Super T glaze on the center and half way up the turrets and Ochre Celedon at the top. I put a dot of red iron oxide stain in the end wells. This orb is about 4 inches across making it the size of a softball.

The glaze firing was the last of the session and I was happy that I didn’t have any crazing in my glaze like some people found on their pieces. When this one was sitting on the table (as I was preparing to leave the studio), one of the other students commented that she thought it was outstanding. I let her hold it and was lucky that she didn’t try to smuggle it into her purse. I believe she will be contacting me to purchase it!

10 thoughts on “Looking at Ceramics

  1. I must have missed this on a travel day! I love this orb — it seems very crisp and clean! Too badyou don’t have the ceramics classes right now to help with the stress of your work!


    1. Thanks! I liked the second effort better than the first for the same reason. I had wanted it to be more defined. I think I succeeded. Sparky really likes the geometrical pieces… seems to think of them as more masculine.


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