Looking at Art


The photos above are of Calciosolenia brasiliensis, a coccolith from the Western Mediterranean, again specifically the Alboran Sea. I made this one with a clay body that was white stoneware that had been contaminated with a little porcelain. The glaze is Phil’s Celedon with Royal blue in the center textured areas. I had completed this orb previously in March of 2012 but was not satisfied with the result. Partly the glaze was not as vibrant and partly I thought I could do a better job.

The electron micrograph below is the picture I was working from. You be the judge – did I do better on the second try??

10 thoughts on “Looking at Art

  1. The first two pictures while different in color seem to be sharper detail. Yet the new effort has a much more smoothness in color. Without seeing the actual work it is unfair of me to make any kind of conclusion. 🙂


    1. The top photos are of the new one. I was hoping it was more colorful than the old effort below. Maybe I will give up on this one and rest happy that both came out of the kiln in one piece!


  2. The two orbs on top look very different — one shows the blue nicely, but is a little less refined than the other, which seems to have cleaner lines. The lower shot looks like an inside-out version — the ridges of the first two seem to have become indentations. Love the clean lines of that one. I think my favorite is the upper right, but I like the bottom one as well.

    I heard back from Eugenia — she has extended my account for a year. I’ll probably duplicate post again at least for a while!

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  3. I stopped in xanga and saw your post but lost signal in the mountains. The top two photos are the new one and the lower one that every one likes better was the first attempt. I wanted to get more color in it but the blue wasn’t as vibrant as usual…


    1. It’s interesting how much the eye changes over time. While they are clearly the same cocolith, there are some very clear differences. Looking again, it’s hard to know which I like better!


      1. I always like the newest one better but that is how I am… The colors are different and I was hoping to capture the finer detail on the latest so I put the blue on thinly.


  4. I like both of them. Each of the orbs have their own energy it seems, and bring out the details in a different way. Almost like a positive and a negative image of a photograph.


  5. Well, I like BOTH of them. The bottom one seems brighter and smoother, but I like the way the shapes are emphasized in the top one(s).
    You can be proud of them all…they are orb-tastic!!! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂


  6. I like them all too!! The top one(s) seem more accurate to example and do have that great blue color. The older version is softer, recognizably the same thing, and quite pleasing to the eye.


    1. Thank-you! I was trying to make it more realistic and I feel like I succeeded. I do like the color of the bottom one but the studio doesn’t make that color anymore…


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