Looking All Wet

Stronger than it looks
Yet it yields to the slightest pressure
Moves away only to engulf
Subdues the strongest
Races faster than the fastest
Bends and never breaks
A fine mist or raging torrent
Dangerous yet sustaining
Finds its way effortlessly
Across flat land or down a mountain
I should learn to be water

As we were hiking in Smokey Mountain National Park, I noticed that there were shallow grooves along the path. The longer I walked the more I noticed that the grooves took the best path to avoid obstacles (things like roots and rocks). I started following that path. It became very obvious that I could travel much faster and more sure-footed if I stayed on that course. When it started to drizzle it finally clicked in my “vacation brain” that I was following the path of least resistance marked off by the streams of water that had traveled down the hills. I thought about the way the water had flowed downhill. I am going to apply the concept to my work situation and hope that it makes navigation easier. I really need to emulate water – for my own peace of mind.

16 thoughts on “Looking All Wet

      1. Is acceditation what the turmoil has been about? That will ease when it’s all done! I remember a financial aid program review that had me in tears at the end of day 1!


  1. I like your pozm ,Val . You made like the water , you are the water as the French song says :

    My little one is like water, it is like living water.
    It runs like a stream, which children pursue.
    Run, run, fast if you can,
    Never, never, will you catch up with her.

    When singing the pipes, when dancing the living water,
    She leads my flocks to the land of olives.
    Come, come, my kids, my lambs,
    In the laurel, thyme and thyme. ( by Guy Bรฉart 1952)
    I reasearch a video for you
    Love โค


  2. Great poem! Love the last line! Yes! ๐Ÿ™‚
    It’s amazing what we see when we take the time to slow down and “smell the roses”. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hope things get better at work!
    How is your rash? I hope and pray it’s gone.
    HUGS!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. The rash is almost gone – just a few red spots that don’t itch. Checking for any new spots but so far I’m good. I’m glad you enjoyed this poem. Water is strong and resilient. I am the water today!

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    1. I’ve had shingles before and it started as a muscle ache that progressed over a 3 week span into blisters and pain. I’m waiting to see if that happens…


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