Looking at the Aftermath

I relive the past
Post-traumatic stress
Old memory blast
I failed to suppress

Hangers on the floor
The clothes are all a mess
Stuff them in a drawer
I finally choose a dress

Piles of folded slacks
Reaching oh so high
Shirts in many stacks
No one wants to buy

Sale to storage transition
Pack it all away
Garage sale demolition
To sell another day

The garage sale was a success – sort of. The weather was sunny but very chilly. I have a slight windburn to my face and I’m tempted to make some hot chocolate to try to get warm! There were about half the number of families that held sales compared to last year and maybe about half as many shoppers too. We made just over $200 which is $200 more than I had in my pocket this morning. We did sell all but one bike and managed to “unload” a couple chairs and the lamp. Once the sale was over I had to contend with the disaster of all the clothes. I had a long table that was filled with clothes. Periodically I would straighten them. Some people were very tidy – they would unfold a top and examine it and then fold it back neatly. Other people would just dig through the stacks unfolding and wadding up the items they didn’t want. It reminded me of sharing a room with my younger sister. She was not concerned with order. After she changed clothes there would be pants and tops and socks and dresses strewn across the bed and on the floor. In my memory there were more clothes on the floor than in the dresser drawers!

Looking in the Garage

Today is the annual neighborhood garage sale. I spent most of Friday evening putting prices on things and staging the items for sale. We have 7 bicycles, 2 space heaters, 2 vacuum cleaners, 3 printers, 1 computer, 1 scanner, and 2 alarm clocks that need to go. In addition I am selling lots of clothes. When I say there are a lot I’m talking about 20 ladies jackets, 7 men’s sports coats, 30 pairs of jeans, 12 pairs of corduroy pants, 10 pairs of yoga pants, and a mishmash of shorts, capris, and sweatpants. The pants comprise a small fraction. I’m selling about 15 scrub shirts and pants and nearly 20 scrub jackets. The hordes will (hopefully) show up around 7:30 AM. The weather is predicted to be cool with a high of 45 degrees and a 70% chance of rain. What doesn’t sell will have to either be stored in the basement or hauled to Goodwill or Salvation Army. My goal is to make at least $400 so that I can cover the cost of gas on our vacation! That would be a sweet deal!

Looking to Render Aid

What therapy do you propose
To remove the thorns from this winter rose
Or stop the hawk in diving flight
Or pluck the peach before fire blight
You see the pain of comfort lost
Through the window those tempest tossed
Words and pithy parables spouting
Your only aid is sermonic shouting.

I have to admire some of my friends who do more than “talk the talk”. I’m referring to those strong individuals who are willing to make a difference by their actions. There have been a few who have supported efforts at humanitarian aid whether it was local, national or international. And by support I mean they physically went and built schools or churches or hospitals. They volunteered their medical, veterinary, educational or engineering expertise. Some distributed food and water and others opened their homes to provide shelter. Sometimes it was temporary and other times it was permanent by way of adoption. I applaud them. They have a fearlessness that I do not possess. Because I don’t have the courage to take that step toward giving of myself, I try to avoid being the other side of that coin. You know the type I’m referring to – the persons who have many criticisms but no solutions. They can tell you everything that is wrong but have no suggestions to make it right. Several years ago a decision was made to move me out of my office. I was not happy. Instead of “pitching a fit”, I pitched an alternative solution to the problem that didn’t involve displacing me. It was a win-win situation. My boss complemented me and told me that he always liked when someone had a problem and also provided a solution. He said it made his job easier.

Looking for Spring

My first post on Xanga was August 4th 2006 and my last post will be May 10th 2017.  I’m pretty sure that it is officially spring since these tulips have bloomed and that means it is time to do some spring cleaning and the blog is not exempt. I have decided to move away from my former blogging home and start anew here. I’ve decided to keep my name and lots of my necessary stuff – but I’m tossing some of the things that were weighing me down.  I am setting aside my disappointment with xanga 2.0 and letting go of the expectation that xanga could rise from the ashes. I am forgiving them the broken promises. What I’m keeping are the wonderful friends and memories from 10 years of blogging. I’m hoping to reconnect with those former xangans who have made the switch to wordpress. Until then I’m going to blog as if I had the ear of the world and enjoy the echo of my voice…