Looking at Ground Zero

I would like to think about my geocaching trip but the frantic atmosphere at work has pushed even the most pleasant thoughts out of my head. Usually when I talk about ground zero I’m talking about the GPS coordinates of a geocache, meaning that exact spot where the cache should be found. Instead, ground zero is the impact point of a bomb. Somehow, the closer to the site visit I get, the more I’m feeling like I’m at ground zero and a 10 ton atomic bomb is headed straight for me. Wile E. Coyote never had it so bad.

To add to this angst, I have several things not related to work that are pressing in on me. Some are routine like the need to finish the mending and sign up for ceramics this summer session. Others are health related and I’m hoping linked to the work stress…

Some people have suggested that the best course of action is to flee. Run as fast and as far as possible to save yourself. I’ve always thought that the best place to be in the event of atomic apocalypse is at ground zero. It will be instantaneous and painless. There will be no radiation sickness, no economic collapse, no homelessness or famine. So I’m opting to stay put. I’m in fight or flight mode and so far the “fight” is still in me… So far.

12 thoughts on “Looking at Ground Zero

    1. There will be turmoil and angst before everything is resolved – we are in the midst of an accreditation visit, a department reorganization, and a financial audit. After the accreditation visit things should settle a little until the next round of upheaval.


  1. I’m so sorry your work stress is so bad as to put you at ground zero! I hope the site visit happens soon and is a help in releasing some of that stress! And hopefully that will also resolve the health issues!


    1. I developed hives after the last staff meeting – and I’m pretty sure it is stress related. I’ve clocked out after 7 pm 3/5 days… But I’ve got my ducks in a row.


  2. At my age I’m not sure what I would do.

    Our son collected those lovely medallions but I know darn well he didn’t find all of them. He was always working and I have about 40 of those cache medallions to dust.


    1. The Geo-coins are collector pieces that most folks purchase as commemorative pieces for display. Some of them can cost more than $50! Some people buy silver spoons or decorative plates or even shot glasses… not much different than that!


  3. You have my prayers, and best wishes! Please “stay” and keep up the “fight”! It’s worth it!

    I hope the situation(s) at work is/are resolved soon. And I hope your health issue are not serious.

    (I had a battle with cancer in 2015. I am still in a “fight” with it and I’m not giving up.)
    (((HUGS))) and ❤


    1. Gosh! My problem is not as serious as cancer and is going to be corrected once the doctor quits dinking around with my dosage… I just really don’t enjoy the monthly blood draws and then the playing around some more with my meds…

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