Looking Distracted

Allow me the privilege to
Begin again this story
Central to my life and my
Dearest memories filled with
Fragile and fanciful because I’ve
Given my
Heart and hand
Just as I’ve discarded
Knowledge and
Learning when
Making poor decisions
Now I am surrounded by
Odious and odoriferous
Questioning my
Rationale for
Staying in
This environment
Unable to conjure a
Viable alternative
Without admitting my
X chromosomes want a
Y chromosome with more
Zeal than is seemly

This is an abecedarian poem. It consists of 26 lines where the letter of the first word of each line are in alphabetical order beginning with A. There are no requirements for rhyme, meter, or syllable count. I wrote it as a distraction to keep myself from being over stressed.

Tomorrow is the big day. We will have the site visit. We will do fine. There won’t be any deficiencies found in the animal facility. I’ve done 2 walk-throughs, double checked expiration dates, made sure all the training and associated records are up to date, and revised everything that could possible be revised. All is in readiness. I have even planned the clothes I’ll wear – both my “civilian” outfit and my uniform. I’m coordinating with my coworkers as we have decided to wear black and pink uniforms. We all have black pants, black or pink print tops, and solid black or pink or a print scrub jacket. I think we will all look professional.

19 thoughts on “Looking Distracted

    1. Hehe! I’m hoping to celebrate… Today was horrific and I can’t figure out what to wear tomorrow – professional but also comfortable and cool since I have to go to the other building, but I have to conform to the PPE requirement (long pants or a skirt that covers the ankles, shirt with at least short sleeves, closed toe shoes with a substantial sole…).


  1. Good idea to look …oh I forgot the word I was going to use. My mind got shot off course when the battery to the lawn blower disappeared.


  2. My thoughts will be with you tomorrow on the big day. I’m sure you’ll do fine — and remember that minor deficiencies are always considered minor (except in the minds of those perfectionist bosses)! Have a good site visit, and then relax and enjoy life again!


    1. That is it exactly! He waffles between demanding “no deficiencies!” and commenting “maybe we’ll let them find this or that so they don’t find anything else…”
      I can’t relax until it is completely over!


  3. All’s well that ends well, and you, my dear eldest daughter, are a person of great excellence in all that you undertake. I have no doubts that tomorrow evening you will be celebrating gleefully!


    1. It did go well but it isn’t completely over… We are still waiting on the final roll-out of the reorganization. I got some serious kudos from the site visitors (I think they said I was a “gold-star performer”)!

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  4. I had forgotten your signature style- the woman of observation.
    Dig the poem. Well done. It flowed very well. I didn’t realize until nearly the end that it was an ABC poem (even though I followed Carolyn’s ABC comment from my email. Let’s not discuss my memory/brain today)
    I’m so glad I finally took the time to set it up so I get notifications. Now I’m going to go in search of ceramics. (I hope you still do that!)


    1. Many thanks for the praise! I like poetry that isn’t obvious in its form… Since I enjoy the acrostic poem I am now searching each poem I read to see if there is a secret message! Yes- I still do ceramics and will be posting a few photos soon.


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