Looking at the Big Screen

My husband, Sparky, took me to the movies last weekend. We don’t go often because it usually costs too much and we enjoy the comfort of our own sofa. But there were several movies that we both wanted to see and opted to try to catch the matinee showing in the cheap theater (it cost a whopping $8.50). We managed to get to the theater with 10 minutes to spare which is a minor miracle in and of itself. We were the only people in this particular theater. We settled in to watch the previews. There weren’t any! We watched some inane commercials, several public service announcements, and an annoying entertainment infomercial with an interview with the actors from Wonder Woman. To say I was second guessing the decision to see the movie on the big screen would be an understatement. I decided to go to the bathroom. I made it back just as the interview was ending.

From the beginning to the little vignettes after the credits, I was entertained!! The first movie was good. It had all the elements necessary for a super hero movie – action, suspense, drama, and lots of amazing special effects. I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy. However, the second installment of this franchise, ratcheted it up a couple notches. I laughed, I cried, I laughed some more. I love these characters. They don’t take themselves too seriously. They looked like they really enjoyed making the movie. So not to give anything away, I’ll just say you really should see this on the big screen. And baby Groot is too cute. And my favorite character is Drax. Or maybe Rocket. Nope. Definitely Drax.

14 thoughts on “Looking at the Big Screen

  1. I can never figure out how to find what is showing at the theater near us. I used to look it up in the newspaper, can’t find it there any more. I usually right down what movies I want to see, stopped doing that too. I think I know what one you saw and it sounds like fun.


    1. Now we have to look them up online – the newspaper doesn’t print them anymore here either! The nice thing is that you can buy them online too and can even choose your seat!


  2. Now , Val, you will be in mind guardian of the Galaxy but keep modesty: guardian of the planet is enough ! 🙂
    Bravo to Sparky who put you out of your geocache !! 🙂
    Love ❤


  3. I may yet go see this one. “Wonder Woman” was worth the $5.75 I pay, as a senior, here. I am always glad to see films that put women in a position that is more honourable than the Pedestal.


    1. I do agree with your opinion about portrayal of women in movies… but I was never invested in the character. Maybe because I didn’t read any of the comics growing up.


  4. I do not recall when it was that I went to a theater to watch a movie. I think it was several years ago. Actually no, I went and saw “Lion”, in the cinema house last year, or was it this year? You can imagine how I am when it comes to going to the theater.

    I came here to check and see how the site inspection went. Hope the day was good.


    1. It was a very long day and there were moments of “high anxiety” but it was all good in the end. The staff was congratulated on being knowledgeable, efficient, and organized. They gave me special praise for the SOPs, training documentation, and the safety program… It was all good.


  5. Glad you got out for some movie viewing fun! YAY! 🙂
    I saw GoftheG #2 at the theater, in May, and enjoyed it. I thought it was fun. I have some friends (sci-fi/comic book fans) who didn’t like it.
    I just told them, “Well, I’m easily entertained I guess!” 😛
    I cried when Yondu died. Then came home and wrote a poem. I just posted the poem on my site yesterday.
    My favorite character is Drax!
    HUGS!!! 🙂


    1. I enjoyed the movies and had no complaints but then again I’ve never read the comics… I suppose the hardcore fans might be a little disappointed – in the same way Harry Potter fans had criticisms about the movies.

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