Looking at a Pat on the Back

Several weeks ago the staff were asked to submit suggestions for a new slogan for our department. They had to be 2 to 3 words long and capture the essence of our work. Of course there were only a handful of people who submitted entries. One person must have come up with 12. I entered 2. Once they had been gathered, they were emailed to each of us. We were asked to vote for one. Just one vote per person. I made my choice and promptly forgot about it in the frenzy of the pre-site visit preparations. This morning an email was sent thanking everyone for their submissions and congratulating me for having the winning slogan: Integrity, Quality, Compassion. I was invited to select a “prize” from the gift closet. The facility manager maintains a stash of items ($15-25) to be awarded to in the quarterly attendance drawing. I was taken aback by the stuff she has squirreled away:
The fire box/safe that runs $15.

The car detailing kit for $23.

The board game “Smart Ass” that amazed me that anyone would pay $17!

The board game “Loaded Question” for $15.

A set of food storage containers for $15 give or take.

A GoPro stick for $14 which of course would be nice if it would accommodate something other than a GoPro camera!

She had 2 30 minute “hourglasses” with sand. The box price tag said $10. They looked like they would break if you looked at them wrong!

An Oster 3 cup mini-chopper that retails for $19.

After a few minutes deliberation I chose the Oster 3 cup chopper. I really don’t have much use for it but it might come in handy someday. So that was my pat on the back.

21 thoughts on “Looking at a Pat on the Back

  1. Well congratulations on your win! I would of chosen the hour glass as I have no counter or cupboard to store the chopper. LOL

    Don’t you think sometimes the dollars in the pay check would of been nice? 🙂


    1. You are absolutely right – I’d have much rather been given some cash but then they would have been obligated to take out taxes… I looked at the hourglass but it was so cheaply made that I figured it would break the first time someone sneezed.


  2. It’s nice that they had the contest and let you pick a prize, but usually when there is a contest, they buy a special prize and everyone knows what they’re playing for. Like a Wii or a gift certificate to a nice restaurant or something.


    1. You are correct in your evaluation of the usual methods. However I do think this was an attempt to 1) save money 2) to get rid of items that no one wanted and 3) to thin the stock in anticipation of discontinuing the “attendance rewards” program. All very valid reasons to have me select from the gift closet. I only hope that the last of these gifts are put to good use… I have my idea.


          1. Hmm — maybe the chopper for a shower gift, and something else for the wedding gift? I’m doing a guilt thing this yer too — it’s my sister’s 75th birthday, and I’m giving her some of the “keepsakes” from our mother’s home!


  3. Bravo Val . With this mini choper you will be able to make a lot of cooking! 🙂
    BTW you have two add on the stared banner in the front of your house the words I Q C ! 🙂
    Love ❤


    1. I think I’ll just tuck this slogan into the drawer with the 2 logos I drew during the last 25 years – those ended up on the webpage and on hats and tote bags and t-shirts that were given to the staff!

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  4. I agree, it’s a great slogan! Your company should familiarize themselves with gift cards! 😀 That said, a chopper can come in handy for whoever winds up owning it.


    1. Thanks! We can’t do gift cards as bonus/gifts because they are considered “cash” and have to be taxed… thus the gift closet. However I’d rather get taxed and have some cash in hand. I know others wouldn’t agree.

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  5. I am not surprised that my word master daughter would have the winning slogan….great one! You could save the prize for a gift for someone who could really use such an item…..just a thought…..


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