Looking at the Monitor

Fix the glitch
Install a switch
Check the chipset
Refresh the internet
Run a defrag
Eliminate time lag
Check for malware
Lurking in software
Strengthen the firewall
Computer overhaul

This is a list poem. Most list poems don’t have any sort of rhyme or reason. Some folks are loath to acknowledge the form as poetry. I decided to make it rhyme and have a theme. This was for my nerdy readers…

I’m sort of in the same boat as the plumber’s wife. Sparky does computers – except for the ones at home. I have to trouble shoot problems and attempt my own fixes. The latest issue has been the interruption of blogging or working on a document or even sending an email. Seems the computer will install an update and reboot without warning. This results in losing whatever I’ve been working on. You can just imagine the gnashing of teeth (mine anyway). So I Googled the fix and changed some settings. That seemed to work. Then there was the problem of access to some internet sites. I was blocked from access to a multitude of websites supposedly because my fragile psyche couldn’t handle exposure to violence, vulgar language, and sexual innuendo. I first noticed it when I wanted to google “stanky leg” and I couldn’t access the Urban Dictionary. Then working from home I was trying to find an article on paraphimosis in a genetically manipulated mouse and every time I attempted to access an article or site I got the warning that the site was blocked because it had inappropriate material. Very irritating! Anyway, after another round of Google searches I resolved that problem. I still can’t get the Skype app to not try to load. It kept popping up and wanting to connect so I uninstalled it. But the computer won’t accept that it is gone so it tries without success to open the program that isn’t there. I’m working on that and should have it fixed soon!


20 thoughts on “Looking at the Monitor

  1. I’ve spent the morning trying to log in to insurance site only to get in but it won’t load my account page! All I get in IE is this page can’t be displayed. I hate having to call them.


    1. I get that with the bank. For some reason they keep “forgetting” my computer IP address and every time I login they act like it is some foreign computer and I have to jump through hoops. I suppose it is to keep me safe but it wears on me…


  2. Any chance you were doing The Whip?
    My computer geek fixes my problems by walking into the room after the 25th time I did the exact same thing. (Yes, there is some kind of voo doo going on there.)
    I like your version of a list poem very much. If I list, it is way random.
    Skype is a stubborn thing. It is very tough to get rid of.


    1. Ha! No but we discussed the whip and the nae-nae and the wobble and breaking you legs and the bop (which we used to call the funky chicken)… I have to agree that Skype is the worst kind of weed to root out. I think I’ve got the problem solved – I had to go to the startup menu and fix it there! What a hassle!


  3. I’ve been having issues all spring — my neighbor, a retired IT professional, added new RAM, which helped, but then created other issues. We changed a lot of settings to make the computer back itself up weekly, and suddenly the computer wouldn’t boot up at all — the neighbor took the computer home with him, did some diagnostic work, and reinstalled the startup portions of Windows. It has worked since then, but now Windows has installed a new version of Win10 (the Creator Version). My neighbor is gone till the end of the month — I’m holding my breath that it will all work while he’s gone!


    1. I don’t have Win10 – I’m still running Windows 7. I know I’m behind the times but I really didn’t want the fiasco that was Win8 and although Sparky has Win10 I don’t really like the way it works. I suppose when this one dies I’ll have to get a new one…

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      1. I’m running Win10, and it really hasn’t given me many problems. My major issue is that the computer is about 7 years old, and needed new RAM. When that was installed, though, it destabilized everything else! Next step will be a solid state drive, which will extend the life of the computer for another few years — then a new computer, but I’m trying to put that off for a while! It helps to have a neighbor who doesn’t want pay for working on the machine!


      2. I hate the prospect of a new computer or smart phone… I hope you can eke a few more years of service from your current computer. I’m overdue for a new one at work and am limping along. I back everything up on the cloud just in case it decides to crash.


      3. I was given an iPad recently. Now at least when the computer balks on the morning that my neighbor leaves for a week, I’m not quite so stranded!


      4. Nice! I can only get my work email through the special secure connection so it doesn’t come up on the iPad… I can however get my private email so that’s nice. I’ll have to see if there is a copy in the library or maybe see if there is a download.


  4. I LOVE this!
    a definite MUST for your book on all types of poetry which will be used in university writing and literature classes and make you rich and famous! Go for it! You did the other book and even illustrated it….so how hard would this be? Do it as sort of a How to book on understanding poetry! I mean it, so get busy!!!


    1. Ha! I’m not so smart at poetry – Everything I know I learned in Junior English and from the internet! I doubt I would be taken seriously as a text book author. Maybe there is a market for “Poetry Appreciation for Dummies” kind of book… Use lots of pictures and plenty of examples. Or then again perhaps I’ll just put together a little collection and self publish. I bet I could give them away to at least 25 people as Christmas gifts. Expensive gifts!


      1. Self publishing on lulu.com is not expensive. The book is published for free and only printed when it is ordered. The author can buy it for cost plus shipping. Just FYI.


  5. Great poetry style! Good rhyme-y poem for the nerds and us non-nerds like it, too! πŸ˜€

    Yay for Ms. Google! Yes, google is female! πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ I rely on her a lot and she has helped me fix things step-by-step!

    My rule of thumb: If I can’t figure something out on the computer…I ask a kid. They always know what to do!
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚


    1. You are so right about the younger folks – they have never lived in a time when computers weren’t portable and in every home! They learn to keyboard before they can print… I’m thrilled you enjoyed the poetry!

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