Looking at the Rain

It is raining
Big fat drops
Rain like blood
Hits like bombs
Trees and leaves
From the window I
Rain like blood
I remain
Count blessings
The less fortunate
Their voices
By rain like blood
In my ears

Sorry for such a somber poem. It is after all a dirge (a poem of lament for the dead). There have been so many senseless acts of murder and mayhem recently. The media is abuzz. And yet I am safe. I am insulated from the first hand experience. Even as far removed from the violence as I am, it touches me. I stay dry but the storm reverberates in my chest. I waffle between looking at the events from the safety of my life and hiding my eyes from the sights that flash like lightening. So as I cower in comfort I will pray for peace in this world and for peace for the victims. I pray for justice and righteous retribution as I look away to shield my heart…


9 thoughts on “Looking at the Rain

    1. There is much to recommend letting go and letting God. I do however feel a certain amount of urgency to “do” something to help alleviate the pain.
      My header photo was the one I took at the Smokey Mountains National Park. It was a lucky snap! I’m tickled you like it!


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