Looking at the Rain

It is raining
Big fat drops
Rain like blood
Hits like bombs
Trees and leaves
From the window I
Rain like blood
I remain
Count blessings
The less fortunate
Their voices
By rain like blood
In my ears

Sorry for such a somber poem. It is after all a dirge (a poem of lament for the dead). There have been so many senseless acts of murder and mayhem recently. The media is abuzz. And yet I am safe. I am insulated from the first hand experience. Even as far removed from the violence as I am, it touches me. I stay dry but the storm reverberates in my chest. I waffle between looking at the events from the safety of my life and hiding my eyes from the sights that flash like lightening. So as I cower in comfort I will pray for peace in this world and for peace for the victims. I pray for justice and righteous retribution as I look away to shield my heart…

9 thoughts on “Looking at the Rain

  1. I’m afraid I often look away and fear where we are headed. Just have to leave it in the hands of God.

    btw love the photo of your header.


    1. There is much to recommend letting go and letting God. I do however feel a certain amount of urgency to “do” something to help alleviate the pain.
      My header photo was the one I took at the Smokey Mountains National Park. It was a lucky snap! I’m tickled you like it!


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