Watching Ducklings

It finally happened! Momma duck has hatched her eggs.  Sparky took a couple photos while I was geocaching with saintvi.  First he counted just 2 ducklings.

Then there were 5.

At last count there were 7 ducklings! The babies are sticking very close to their mother. In fact, at one point they were trying to climb onto her back!

By the time I got home she had all her little ones safely tucked beneath her wings. She was not happy with me taking her picture. And when I clicked the photo she let out a menacing hiss. She has been on high alert since the eggs have hatched and with good reason. Sparky was picking peas this evening and a young opossum came strolling down the path and was very interested in coming into the yard. Somehow they know when vulnerable animals are nearby. Sparky chased him off and made it a point to toss some walnuts at him to punctuate the point that opossums are NOT welcome at our house!


12 thoughts on “Watching Ducklings

  1. Ah now Sparky must stand possum watch. 🙂 I needed a big grin today and this entry did it. I will carry the pictures in my memory as I go about the mundane.


    1. Glad I could bring a smile. Momma duck has taken her brood to water – somewhere. They have abandoned the nest and are headed into the world. Sparky has been relieved of opossum watch!


    1. There was no parading around the yard… as soon as the last eggs hatched momma duck and ducklings started their trek to the pond – or river. Neither one is very close. So far there haven’t been any signs of them (which is a good thing since I’d hate to see a flattened duckling on the road).

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      1. I’m fascinated by the fact that they left as soon as the last eggs hatched! Mama must have known there was a threat there (the opossum) that she didn’t want to deal with, and perhaps not that you and Sparky were on her side!


      2. Hehe! You give her more credit than is due. Ducks take their brood to water as soon as possible. The little ones need to eat and drink… I think they’ve taken up residence in the retention pond. There is a small island of debris in the middle and other than birds no other animal willing to get wet to swim to it…

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    1. The opossum is gone and so are the duck family. I wish they had waited 6 more hours – I was planning on capturing them in the dead of night and boxing them up for a trip to the park. The park is by the river and there are some “duck friendly” spots… Instead they have disappeared!


      1. Oh no! That seems so early for mother to have moved them but I really don’t know much about ducks. Hopefully mother duck led them away to some place safe and duck friendly.


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