Seeking a Work-Life Balance

Summertime both day and night
Stories filled with high adventure make-believe
Plucked from books that held delight
From library shelves receive
Tales to boost the fertile mind’s escape achieve

Join me in high excitement
Slip away from worries, woes, and troubled times
An open book indictment
Read stories or poem rhymes
Create a new work and leisure paradigm

This is a Lira. The lira is a Spanish form consisting of any number of stanzas. Each stanza is composed of 5 lines with the syllable count of 7/11/7/7/11 and using the rhyme scheme of a-b-a-b-b.
I’m feeling that my work-life is out of balance. Even though I am not putting in more hours than my already 45-50 hour weeks, I feel like I’m always worried about work. I have been unable to turn off the thoughts. I’m constantly turning over questions and conundrums in my head. How will I motivate people? Will I be given the freedom to educate and mentor the way I want? What is the best way to do that? Will I need to work weekends or holidays? Will people quit? Will I be effective? How will I handle conflicts? So in response to this stress I’ve taken to escapism. I picked up a book. It was one I had read before but I couldn’t remember the details. I read it in 24 hours. It was a lovely vacation. I then decided to read the National Geographic – cover to cover. Yes even the advertisements. It too was a nice escape. Then I read “Hyperbole and a Half” which is a collection of comics/autobiography book thing. I started reading and then I started laughing and had to put it down to get a kleenex. There isn’t anything quite as satisfying as a really funny read. So I’m plowing through some reading materials as a diversion while preparing for the implementation of the new departmental organization.

8 thoughts on “Seeking a Work-Life Balance

    1. Yes it will settle like most dust. At least until things get stirred up again… I’m trying to make an oasis of calm. I’m pretty sure it will become a popular spot among my coworkers.


  1. Have to agree with previous comment. Perhaps I should follow suit as I have several books here and that would beat FB. 🙂 I’m still enjoying just looking at your header before starting to read.


  2. The great thing about Hyperbole and a Half is that it will help you when things go to crap at work. Just think of the goose story and shout, “WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO MEEEE?”


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