Looking at How My Garden Grows

I want to preface this post with the way my household works. I see plants that I like and Sparky puts them in the ground (where I want them). I call them my plants and he insists that they are his plants since he waters and fertilizes them. If it were up to him, we wouldn’t have any flowers unless you count a flowering crab apple tree.

Many years ago I was looking for some low maintenance perennials to replace the roses that the previous owner had planted. I decided to get some hostas. I was unaware that there were a multitude of varieties. I bought “Francee” which are very popular and have green leaves with white edges. I was happy. Then I discovered Elephant Ears, Afterglow, Blue Boy, Buttercup, Undulata, Praying Hands, and a bunch more. There was a woman who always had a garage sale and would sell starts of her hostas for a $1. Her whole yard was an enormous hosta garden with hundreds of varieties. I would buy at least 2 different ones every year. My neighbor across the street also has a large hosta garden in her back yard where the shade is deep. I traded her an orb in exchange for 2 starts of hostas – the “Elephant Ear” and “Sum and Substance”. All was well.

Then it happened. I was given some day lilies that had been thinned from a fellow ceramic student’s garden. These were the common orange day lilies which some snobby types refer to as “ditch” lilies.  They are hearty and prolific. They spread to fill the space and Sparky was able to separate them and fill in several spots among the perimeter of the fence. Then I saw some deep red day lilies at a garage sale. I bought them. The woman said they were called “Pardon Me”. Sparky planted them and they bloomed – a really nice contrast to orange ones.

Then I bought some orange ones “Kwanzo” that I posted photos of last year on xanga, that when they bloomed had double petals making them very fancy!

A couple weeks ago I was shopping with Sparky at Lowe’s when a woman walked past me with 4 lily plants – they were gorgeous! They were Asiatic Lilies that has bright pink flowers with dark pink speckles. The blooms were at least a big as my hand. I asked her where she had found them and she pointed me in that direction. Imagine my disappointment in locating them with a price tag of $17.99 each! At the end of the season I’ll have Sparky keep an eye out for them on clearance. Anyway, I was at a garage sale and the woman was selling some day lilies. We got to talking and she took me to her backyard to show me her flowers. Wow. Just wow. Anyway she sold me a start of her “Mary Todd” day lilies for $2.

She invited me to come back next year and I can have a start of some of the “Chorus Line” which were a pale peachy pink color and very beautiful.


8 thoughts on “Looking at How My Garden Grows

  1. Remember the lilies. You have quite an assortment. They are beautiful.
    So called “ditch lilies” are so refreshing along the highway and such. Makes a boring drive a little less so.
    Also, I wish I had a gardener. I’m not that fond of weeding.


  2. You must have a large yard. I love day lilies and spider lilies. The spider lilies I have were claimed from son’s yard. It is a surprise they grew as we did not know when hubby dug them that there was a knob he needed to get. They were hard to dig so I told him we’d take what he got. Now I can buy no more plants and as each pot gives up it’s contents I give up the large pot.


  3. If life is a garden and we are the flowers,
    I want to be a ditch flower.
    I have no pretensions to superior breeding,
    no delusions of delicate beauty.
    I am common.
    I hope that, like the flowers that spring up behind the guard rail,
    I am tough,
    Able to flourish wherever the wind takes me.
    I want to be that splash of vibrant color around the curve
    that causes people to pause on their journey
    and marvel at the unexpectedness of me.

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