Watching Plans Go Awry

I’m a planner. I make lists and agendas and have several calendars that chart the course of my life in hours, days, weeks, months and even years. It is not in my nature to “wing it”. On the other hand I have been trained in emergency medical response. That means I have explored the chaos and “what if” scenarios and have armed myself with the appropriate reactions. When things go sideways I am prepared. If I haven’t already prepared for the specific issue, I have the flexibility and confidence to formulate a response. I stay cool under pressure.

I am staying calm as I watch plans go awry. Moving in slow motion, an avalanche seems distant and silent. My brain knows that it is not silent and it is not a sluggish disaster. As the solid water tidal wave gets closer I realize that there are few options. The idea that I can brace for impact and survive is silly and impractical. Instead I’m evaluating the possibility of sheltering in place or making a run for it. I am not a coward. I am also not an idiot.

So where does that put me? Smack in the middle. I’m going to exercise my critical thinking skills. By evaluating the magnitude of the problem, weighing the options, and performing a few tests and trial runs, I should be able to reformulate my plans. Or at least get things back on track after seeing them go clean off the rails! Yep. Fun times.

14 thoughts on “Watching Plans Go Awry

  1. Fun times, notwithstanding, knowing you have your eyes open and reflexes tuned to battle ready, I am confident that we will soon read how you weather the avalanche/tidal wave.
    Regarding agendas and calendars, I followed click bait to a new kind of agenda that is designed for each individual. Because it is MADE by each individual. You need fancy pens and color coding and I’m guessing a ruler and 3 billion hours to create the IDEAL agenda that exactly meets your needs. Even has an index/table of contents so you know where you put everything. I started laughing in the middle. Because, honestly, if I had time to turn what essentially looks like a composition notebook into a work of art planner, I obviously don’t have all that much else to do.
    I’ll stick with my lists.


    1. Hehe! I’ve seen those DIY planner projects. No way will I spend that amount of time. I have my google calendar and a spiral notebook. That’s all I need. I won’t be elaborating on the avalanche except to say it is over and done. I am still standing. All is right with the world – or as right as can be expected in the aftermath of a cataclysm…


  2. An old Arabic proverb admonishes: “Trust in God, but tie your camel.” I would advise making sure your knot-tying skills are up to speed. I have had the same mindset, when things have unraveled, in the past.


    1. The dust is settling and I’m still standing. There are going to be a couple months of adjustment as we phase in the new organization. Change is hard and some people are determined to make it harder!


  3. Tip toeing back to wordpress and I see your going through a change. I had been writing about being creative in chaos, got stuck and deleted it all. So I stuck to being my own advisor. Waiting and holding the space for what’s next. Thinking good stuff for YOU!


    1. Thank you Michel! Today is scheduled with many difficult conversations and I’m sure there will be some negativity – But it won’t be as much as I’ve already experienced.


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