Looking Spread Thin

I’ve been spread thin. There was so much I wanted to do this last month. Time got away from me. I forgot to sign up for ceramics classes and the first class was yesterday. My intention was to finish the mending but there are still 3 piles stacked on the sewing table. The desk is a mess and I promised myself that I was going to get it all organized. And yet having let those things slide didn’t give me any extra time. I keep thinking I accomplished plenty of other things but I can’t recall a single one.

I’ve been spread thin. The recommendation that we each consume 8 glasses (cups) of water a day is a difficult goal to achieve. If I don’t have at least 5 cups a day I get leg cramps at night. If I have more than 4 cups I end up racing to the bathroom several times during the wee hours of the night. They are called the wee hours and I’m guessing they were so christened by a woman with a small bladder.

I’ve been spread thin. Walking in the bright daylight causes me to glow an unearthly white color. The daily application of sunscreen has prevented me from ever tanning. Not that I could tan. Too many people are ashamed of their race. I am going to declare it loud and clear. I am Caucasian from the cold and sunless northern realms. I don’t tan and that’s OK with me! No, I’m not wearing socks with my sandals – those are my white feet.

I’ve been spread thin. There are so many things to accomplish before the big implementation of the new organizational structure. It seems that we will have to multi-task like never before. I have to set up 3 CE meetings, revise a fist full of standard operating procedures, write a newsletter, update the web page and still manage to provide a mailing to the investigators.

I’m spread too thin. Like the tiny package of peanut butter at Bob Evan’s. My time has been portioned out and when smeared on hot toast like peanut butter, it disappears. At least it is only time and not me disappearing!


12 thoughts on “Looking Spread Thin

    1. That was all fun! The spread thin feeling I’m pretty sure is a work related issue. I had stomach cramps for an hour yesterday – after fielding some questions. I’m readjusting – no longer need to “fly under the radar”!


    1. Hope you can regroup and not feel so spread thin. I’m hoping the weekend will correct my perception a little! I just have to clean a toilet and pay the bills and I think I’ll be back on track!


    1. I am comfortable with myself. It will be fine and all is currently right with the world! If only more people were content and accepting of self and others. We need a little more harmony in this world…


  1. I’m sure work is a big contributor to feeling spread too thin. I hope things get organized and settled into a manageable routine soon. I’m sorry you missed signing up for your class! I am another one who doesn’t really tan. I can a little but not much – but I can always burn. I have a lot of Irish. I hope you get to take a break soon! peace & smiles


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