Looking Unnatural

Sparky has been trying to capture a particularly bold chipmunk. This fellow has decided that our garage is a great spot to take up residence. Sparky disagrees. He baited the trap with his expensive coconut peanut butter. The stinker managed to eat the bait without setting off the trap. We had to purchase some cheap peanut butter, you know the kind – creamy and very gooey. The trap was set. The trap was sprung. The trap contained a critter. It just wasn’t the one we were trying to get. So Sparky had to make a “relocation” trip with Ms. Opossum. No one was happy.

Then there is the invasion of the beetles. Sparky has again put out traps to catch the interlopers. He has had to change the bag twice. I didn’t realize that there were so many Japanese beetles in our yard. They go into the trap and die. I don’t feel any remorse since they have all had a wonderful “last supper” feasting on our beans. We have a handful (maybe 8 beans) that survived the ravages of the beetles. They are so shiny and a pretty iridescent blue-green. But pretty is as pretty does which marks these as truly ugly bugs!

School starts in a week in my area. There are several kids at church who dyed their hair for the summer. The servers were a rainbow a couple of Sundays ago. Miss P had a pretty aqua color on the last 5 inches of her blonde hair. The brothers H were sporting school colors – the younger had Kelly green and the older had a two-tone purple and yellow dye job. Then there was One-of-Four whose mother allowed him to bleach his hair white (he had black hair) and then put bright blue on the tips. This last Sunday revealed Miss P with a short bob having cut the dyed ends off. The boys all looked like they had been inducted into the army – completely buzzed to remove all traces of color. Personally the color wasn’t as distracting as the scalped look…


22 thoughts on “Looking Unnatural

    1. On the kids I think they can get away with it – on more mature adults blue hair tends to scream “I am an attention hog” or “I’m so ordinary I need to be the center of attention”… either way it is only hair.


  1. Hmm — an interesting combination, with chipmunk, beetles, and colored hair! Coconut peanut butter sounds like a wonderful treat for a chipmunk — pretty good for humans too?! I’m too much of a naturalist to enjoy colored hair — I’ve never touched mine with color, and hope it never happens!


    1. I think I have more important things to spend time on instead of my hair. However if it makes you feel better and look better I won’t judge. (mostly but I have a hard time taking someone seriously when they have 3 tone hair in peacock colors) I suppose I’m showing my age. At least I’m hoping the wild hair colors are a fad that will disappear. Sadly even after the tattoo fad passes the tattoos will remain – never to be completely forgotten!

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      1. To me, odd hair colors indicate drama — something I was never allowed! I agree — it’s probably age-related, and somewhat background-related too! It will pass, and hopefully the next fad won’t be any worse!


  2. coconut peanut butter sounds interesting.
    I’m sure you were glad to catch the possum too? Despite it being the wrong catch?
    Some districts don’t allow the colored hair. My friend’s daughter had to hide her green hair in a bun to participate is something for band or orchestra or choir.
    I dunno. I don’t understand the weird colors. It all looks so much like hay. I prefer soft hair, blowing in the breeze and such. But whatever, to each his own.


    1. The coconut peanut butter is supposed to be healthy for you – Sparky likes it. We knew there were opossums around as we’ve caught others but they tend to steer clear of people. This one must have either been very hungry or very stupid. Either way he joined the chipmunks in the “Witness Protection Program” or as we call it the “Wildlife Protection Program”. Most of the schools in my area don’t allow “unnatural or distracting” hair colors. Most also forbid facial piercings and tattoos and “other body art”. I see it a lot at the university – especially with the freshmen. They seem to think their rebellion will be unnoticed while they are away at school… they forget that the hair color will still be visible at Thanksgiving and the eyebrow piercing will hardly be healed by Christmas!!


  3. A really enjoyable entry. Here we are left to find whatever died in the garage. I decided against tearing wallboard and insulation off as I know we would tear the wrong one off. Only solution I know in the meantime is to lay at least one moth ball out there for awhile.

    As for hair, I have beautiful grey, oh wait daughter says “mom it’s white” hair. It won’t perm any more and I’ll admit I am bored and pondered a little streak of color. LOL (I’m really to chicken). Remember eons ago when older women ended up with blue hair from rinses?

    I don’t mind most of the kids colors or tats, it is the body piercings I shudder from. Particularly mouth.


    1. Yep the piercings are really – um – looking for a politically correct phrase. I see them as, um, painful – to get and to see… The blue hair! Haha! I remember a lady at church that really did have blue hair. When I was young I thought it was dyed to look grey!


  4. I have a totally different take on colored hair. I’m in my 50’s and I’ve had every color hair there is since I was in my 40’s. It’s not for attention, it’s not drama..it’simply a creative way to express myself. It makes me happy and I get loads of compliments esp from strangers. In April I had my hair dyed blue.Not all of it but it ended up being most of it Again, not for attention or drama but b/c it was the awareness month for one of my auto immune diseases with the awareness color being blue. I think we all must be cautioned about judging or having preconceived ideas about hair colors (of anyone of any age) or anything else. We might not agree with it, but there might be a different reason they are doing it. Not all kids are doing it out of rebellion either..they just want to be different, creative, fun, (and this is a safe way to do it). If my kids want to rebel and hair color is the way they do it..more power to them. Again, a safe way to rebel. I also have a tattoo. I got it a year ago. It was a family thing done in honor of my grandson who was born still. No one should judge me on our family’s choice of remembrance. I’ve been surprised when I ask others about tattoos, hair colors, even piercing, the meanings and ‘whys’ behind them. When there is no judging/preconceptions we are able to connect with others the way Jesus intended. Off my soap box now.
    Sparky sounds pretty smart. I tried to capture a pic of a several chipmunks recently and couldn’t do that so I can’t image attempting to actually capture one.


    1. Hope you didn’t take offense! My observations were supposed to amuse. I do know many tatted individuals and some have tattoos to cover scars, others to commemorate life events, and then there is my niece… Same with hair color. My grandmother was a fashionista who in the late 1960s had purple hair to match her many purple/lavender outfits. And then there is my niece… Hair color is a personal preference but for the school aged crew it is not an option during the school year.

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      1. Absolutely not. It takes more than another’s opinion to make me take offense 🙂 I do appreciate you saying that, though. Oh your grandmother sounds like an very interesting person for sure. My mother is not a fan of all my hair colors but does respect that it’s my hair. She likes it better when I lean toward the natural colors (which I actually do sometimes. LOL. I was just expressing my opinion/thoughts here so don’t worry about me. I’m enjoying getting to know you a bit better through your blogs. Hugs.


      2. Thank-you. I try to keep the drama to a minimum on my site. I am a people watcher and everyone has a story. My grandma Tena was unforgettable. Friends still remember her outfit at my wedding shower. She was wearing pink knickers and a pale pink very ruffly blouse and a hot pink vest. She passed away many years ago but her wardrobe lives on. I still have her grey suede cape and a belt made of silver eagles… I even have a pair of her shoes (she was only 4’11” and wore a size 4 1/2 shoe but since they were so hard to find most were size 5), lime green patent leather flats with white and green polka dot bows….

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      1. Seriously, it did not. We have been friends here online for a while. I know you’d never intentionally offend and everyone is entitled to their own opinions/thoughts. I was just expressing mine so please know that. Love you lots.

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  5. Good post and comments. Anything goes nowadays…..but I wouldn’t want a nose ring….always wonder what happens with a bad head cold’s often snotty messy nose.


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