Looking for Summer

I know I was just moaning about the hot weather. It seems the perversity of nature has once more shown itself. Since last week it has been downright chilly. Friday night Sparky got the space heater out for the bedroom! I purchased a pair of capri pants and a bare shoulder top last Saturday thinking I’d be able to wear them this week. I was wrong. I haven’t even worn my sandals opting instead for socks with solid shoes. On Sunday night I even fired up the oven and baked a winter favorite – turkey pot pie.

I decorated it to remind those at the dinner table that it was still summertime despite the chill in the air!
I tried to get some photos of the fireflies/lightening bugs but my camera is not accommodating and my cell phone and my hand-eye coordination is not geared to snapping pictures at the speed of light. However this year has seen a resurgence of the lightening bug population. Several years ago I was worried that there just weren’t any to be seen. Made me sad to think future generations would never have the thrill of seeing them flash and disappear in the tall grass. Or rise up in a great cloud of blinking lights. This summer they are back! I even had one get in the house (no doubt from when I was going in and out from the patio grill). I saw an eerie light coming from the curtains. At first I thought it was from outside until it decided to move location from the curtain to the stove top!! Unlike spiders that must die if they dare enter my kitchen, the lightening bug was gently scooped and released into the outdoors.

This coming weekend is the last push to have a “summer excursion” to Chicago. We haven’t been to the planetarium for at least 5 years and Sparky wants to go again. Originally we thought about taking the train (South Shore Line) but with the track repairs and delays a car trip is a safer bet. I’m thinking we’ll leave very early Saturday morning and spend the day and drive back in the evening. We might even stop for dinner at an old haunt in Michigan City… If I’m lucky, I’ll get to wear my new outfit to Chicago!

14 thoughts on “Looking for Summer

  1. Oh how I love fireflies or as we used to call them lightning bugs. lol I swear we had them this Spring. Now all we have is mosquitoes. I had to lend some Repel to Tony yesterday so he could mow our lawn in some peace. The bad storm we had brought 4 inches of water.

    Enjoy your trip. I know you enjoyed the pie.


    1. Yes I call them lightening bugs too! The mosquitoes are bad this year here too. Seems the ticks are less. I suppose the rain we’ve had will only increase the mosquito population! I am tempted to tiptoe to the neighbor’s deck and dump all the water out of the toys piled there…


    1. The drive isn’t what I’m looking forward to – except that I am only a passenger and can surf FB and WP to while away the time. The pie was tasty and now I’m thinking it is peach season and I should go pick some and bake a fresh peach rhubarb pie for Son#2’s birthday coming up soon. I already bought and froze the rhubarb for his pie…


  2. cute pie!
    I made Spouseman get out window AC for my comfort. We ran it for a day before the fall weather hit. What is the point of holding off until August to spoil oneself with AC?
    Enjoy your Chicago adventure!


    1. Oy! Sparky likes the AC and honestly this has been a cooler than usual summer here. He installed it and we’ve run the AC for maybe 20 days total all summer. Pretty soon he’s going to have to remove it from the window. I can’t watch when he does it – it is a very old AC window unit that we bought used about 15 years ago. It weighs a ton and I’m waiting for the day his grip slips and he drops it out the window. I only pray that it doesn’t fall and break the picture window below!!


  3. Oh, my — we have not had a day with temps less than 90 for at least a month now! I’d love just one cooler day! I’ve only ever seen fireflies a couple of times — they’re fascinating little critters that we don’t have here. And I don’t know about driving in Chicago, but it’s probably 10 years since I’ve been in downtown LA!


    1. I’m pretty sure LA is far worse than Chicago. It won’t be that bad a drive at least until be get off the toll road… I’m sorry to hear you are baking in CA. I hope this autumn is more temperate. Lightening bugs are one of the delights of summer in Indiana. I wish you could experience it


    1. It has been unseasonably cool for August in Indiana. Today was a high of 79 – but with the breeze it had a “real feel” of 75. Actually a perfect day weather-wise for being outside. All is well at least until Monday arrives with its own set of troubles…


  4. I loved catching them in a jar to keep in my bedroom on summer nights when I was a little girl. We had so many of them in the summer.


    1. They used to be everywhere! Now there aren’t as many. A scientific article posited that the light pollution is interfering with their ability to locate a mate thus fewer lightening bugs…


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