Looking at Retirement

Last week Sparky and I attended one of those seminars on financial planning for retirement. You know the ones. They lure you in with a free dinner at a fancy restaurant. Well, Sparky took the bait. It was dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. We don’t eat “big meat” very often and we really can’t afford that restaurant so it was worth the 1 hour sales pitch.

We were assigned seats and ended up across the table from Dave and Shannon. I looked at Dave’s name tag and it seemed that his name was familiar. He was looking at Sparky and finally asked, “Are you by chance related to Craig?” The answer was yes! Seems as soon as he said that Sparky recognized his name and there ensued a conversation that brought to light that he and his wife know all our friends and family and that they have been following our trip for the eclipse on Facebook! Dave is a musician and plays the saxophone. As we talked he realized that for the past 2 years he has been giving lessons next door to where son#2 give his lessons. In fact they have spoken many times but neither one was aware of their 6 degrees of separation!

Then we were talking about plants and I found out that Shannon was a master gardener! She had photos of her garden that were amazing. As we spoke about plants I asked her about a “tree” that I’ve fallen in love with. She knew exactly where it was located when I was talking about it. She knew the woman who had originally planted it. She and her husband had been biking and passed it and stopped to inquire from the home owner who happened to be puttering in her garden. They liked it so much they bought one for their yard! So now I know what to look up and how to get one for myself!! It was a Grace Smoke Tree if you want to look it up…

Besides the somewhat interesting talk about retirement savings and how to avoid the “tax torpedo”, and the delightful dinner companions, the food was delicious. I didn’t take photos of the main courses because it was just meat. They started with a mixed greens salad with cherry tomatoes and croutons. Spark ate mine. I had the petite filet mignon and Sparky had a NY strip steak. They served family style some garlic mashed potatoes, barely cooked (as in still crunchy) broccoli, and a sweet potato casserole. The dessert however was fabulous. The choice was a chocolate cake topped with chocolate ganache and a peanut butter whipped cream or a mixed berry cheesecake. It is a no brainer – we both went with the cheesecake.

It was a wonderful evening!

8 thoughts on “Looking at Retirement

  1. I haven’t eaten at Ruth’s Chris since I retired — lol ! I hope you have a good financial advisor to help you through the retirement process, and help keep you out of the traps — it all has to happen in the right order, or you do find some pitfalls!


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