Looking at a Road Trip

I do not like to travel alone to strange and far off places. I do not like to drive on back roads of gravel and dirt – especially at night when I don’t know where I’m going. Guess what? My boss told me he wanted me to travel to a far away wilderness area to do an inspection. He needed it done ASAP. So I’m going on a trip. An adventure. But I’m not going alone. Sparky can’t go – he has to work and had already asked for time off for the eclipse and for the wedding this Friday. I was in a little bit of a panic. My wonderful friend saintvi has rescued me by volunteering to travel into the wilderness with me! She doesn’t realize it yet (because I didn’t mention it -but as soon as she reads this she will) but there aren’t too many people who get the opportunity or privilege to visit this specific area. It is a pristine wilderness area and the students and researchers who visit are very careful to avoid making any impact on the wildlife. Mostly because that is what they are studying. If we bring it in, we have to take it out… This ecological research center was a favorite spot of Fr. Hesburgh’s and supposedly he would go there on retreat. I’ve had to get a special pass to get past the gate and made arrangements for a rental car and accommodations on site overnight. We have to bring our own food for dinner and breakfast…

The jealous people have been pouting about not getting to go. I’ve been told that I absolutely need to have a good length of rope, a shovel, a saw, and a “come-along” in addition to ample amounts of mosquito repellent, a snake bite kit, extra water and some flares. Because “if you slide off a muddy road it could be days before anyone drives down that way.” Another advised, “Take a couple of blankets and your winter coat because the UP is getting cold by now.” Still another person suggested taking multiple cell phone chargers because there isn’t any reception and the roaming will drain the battery in a heart beat! I think what I’ll do is take cookies. The students stuck in that mosquito infested paradise will be grateful because cookies make everything better! And I’m bringing my camera. The secretary for the director of the research center mentioned that the wildlife (porcupines, weasels, bobcats, and deer) mostly haven’t seen people much and they have never been hunted so they don’t run away – There will be lots of photo opportunities!

As a reward for having to drive long distances on unfamiliar roads, saintvi and I will geocache our way home. I anticipate getting to the remote location in about 10 hours. I’m planning on taking 2 days to drive home! I think we’ll be able to up our numbers and maybe find some cool caches… I’m only 313 caches from my next milestone!

14 thoughts on “Looking at a Road Trip

  1. Well you are making a positive out of this and surely you realize being away from ‘the jealous people’ is another one. 🙂 Safe travels.


  2. Sounds like the trip of a lifetime. I have never been to the Upper Peninsula, but from friends’ descriptions, it reminds me of interior Maine, or certainly, northwest Ontario- which I did visit, 45 years ago.


  3. That sounds like a fun trip — wish I lived closer so I could go along! I hope you can get all the way there before it gets dark, though! And hopefully the weather will be dry and not too cold. Take care, but have a wonderful time and enjoy the trip!


      1. I actually had just finished reading a post by somebody whose husband was getting a “quicky” passport (one-day service) so he could go to Canada for the weekend. Have a great time!


    1. I just finished baking peanut butter chocolate chip cookies – Your basic peanut butter cookie with half a bag of chocolate chips thrown in. The poor man’s reeses pieces cookie! I’m waiting for the pumpkin bars to come out of the oven. I made them because they are one of my favorites (and I don’t like peanut butter)!

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