Looking for Inspiration

My ceramics class begins next week. I’m always looking for some new inspiration and orbs still fascinate me. When I was at Fernwood Botanical Gardens and Nature Preserve I noticed a tree with interesting “fruit” on the branches. It caught my fancy so I took photos so that I can render it in clay.

As you can see from the photos it is from a Dogwood tree. Not just any run of the mill Dogwood but the Kousa Dogwood, aka Japanese Dogwood. The nice thing is that the tree has beautiful white blooms that become the green and then dark pink fruit. It is a very colorful tree. But perhaps the most wonderful part is that this variety is very adaptable – it thrives in any type soil with any amount of sun or shade, and with benign neglect!

Being adaptable is what has allowed humans to survive. We have faced problems from drought, climate change, food scarcity, plague and war. As a species we kept moving forward. Finding solutions, work-arounds, or alternatives so that what had been road blocks became building blocks. We are pretty awesome as a species. I’m happy to say I belong to the human race….

10 thoughts on “Looking for Inspiration

  1. I was going to say that looked like a dogwood. My neighbors have one. I like that it blooms after the standard dogwood. I like the blooming trees!
    Also, that’ll make a great orb. I look forward to your rendering.


    1. I wish they had a nice red/pink high fire glaze in the studio. The best they have is Evan’s Red and it is only good on the inside of bowls since it runs badly… It is probably the first one I’m going to attempt.


  2. Lovely little tree. I looked it up because I do have a spot in the backyard where I would like to plant a tree (someday) and I was thinking of a pink flowering dogwood but this would be a good option. It will be interesting to see the orb you create from this inspiration. peace to you


    1. When the flowering crab apple in the front yard goes (sooner the better), I would like to plant this tree there. I think it would do well and be much prettier than the current tree which hasn’t really flowered in the last couple of years.

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  3. Thanks for being so positive in a time when so many people are bashing the human race. We are certainly flawed, but there is a lot of good in us, too. And I love the way you find inspiration in nature!


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