Looking Trapped

It is starting to get cold at night and the critters are thinking about finding a cozy spot to spend the winter. For us that means that every chipmunk within the Northern Hemisphere is trying to book a room at our house. The little devils are bold. They saunter right into the garage and start digging around in the shelving, the storage lockers, the trash bins and even the foundation! Lining the edge of the garage are cement blocks with about 2-3 inches exposed creating little chipmunk reduced rent housing units. We have had to evict hordes of them! We don’t even have to put the trap outside anymore. We just set it and position it in the garage. Next thing you know we’ve caught another one!! The last time Sparky set it, he didn’t even use any bait. I think they assume that it is just another “bigger, fancier” condo and they just walk right in to secure “squatter’s rights”. The chipmunk below is one of the squatters that is being forcibly relocated. The photo was taken just prior to his transport to a secret location far far away from our house.
Can you tell he was a tad chagrined that he had been duped by the false impression of a winter hideaway?

8 thoughts on “Looking Trapped

  1. This certainly was a surprise to me. We don’t have chipmunks, we are blessed with field mice in the city. I grew up in PA where we had chipmunks but never a problem like yours.


    1. They are totally unafraid. A couple years ago a lady has squirrels filling the space between her walls with walnuts and acorns! It took some professionals several weeks to finally get them trapped and the walls emptied of the nuts… At least we don’t have that problem!!


    1. I just commented to Bonnie about the squirrels that a neighbor had a couple years ago. The chipmunks are a bold group but so much smaller than the squirrels and much less destructive …


    1. Circle of life! I’m glad we don’t have any javelina in Indiana. Saw some in AZ and they didn’t look very pleasant! I wouldn’t want them running around the neighborhood although maybe they’d take care of the feral cat problem!


  2. The chipmunks in Muncie were also fearless….made your mama’s life miserable eating all my flowers and digging up the flower garden! BTW, how did the starts of plants you took from my place do???


    1. I took some Columbine seeds and planted them but the deer at them and they never bounced back. The hosta starts are fine and look good in the backyard. Our chipmunks leave the flowers alone but seem intent on colonizing the garage!


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