Searching for Serenity

There is a peace that falls over the heart and soul when you open yourself to nature. Not that there is some magical property in being out in the woods, but still, being out in the woods affords an opportunity to get away from the distractions. I am fairly focused yet it does feel good to leave the clamor of life behind and listen to the crickets chirping and the cicadas humming. Being in the middle of the woods makes it easier to search for serenity. The quiet is louder and the sounds muffled. Looking around you see the color and texture of life. Nature can bring what is important into focus. I visited the top of Wisconsin and the edge of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and this is what I found:




14 thoughts on “Searching for Serenity

    1. You really should wander up that way! It was lovely but the trees weren’t changing yet – just a little start with some red and yellow sprinkled here and there… I bet it looks magical when the trees are in full color!

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  1. I agree with what you write ,Val . I posted in several posts on worpress or xanga such meditations when I was alone in a ,nature almost wild . This brings serenity and stimules the spirituality.
    Great entry.
    Love ❤


    1. Thanks mother! It was a long but good trip. I haven’t driven that distance in a long time but it wasn’t too bad – mostly because I had good company. The geocaching didn’t hurt either. And of course the area was very pretty – would have been breath taking if the trees had turned. I think we were about 2 weeks too early.


    1. Thanks much for the compliment! The photos pale in comparison to the actual experience though there aren’t any mosquitoes included… I think the state bird of Wisconsin is the mosquito.


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