Looking Lost

Dew drop tears drip from leaves
Misty anguish rises and recedes
Absorbed in fern and greenest dell
A broken heart the torment quell
Chase all fear with cat-tail spire
Pine cones soothe mind’s quagmire
Listen to the healing sounds
Frog trills with cricket chirp abounds
Shake off troubles in the wood
Bury the bad and keep the good

I have a really poor sense of direction. I used to joke that my directions consisted of “this way” and “that way”. I still have trouble with directions, especially left and right. For me I have “left” and the “other left” which can make following directions difficult. Sadly there is no GPS for life. We get lost all the time. Eventually we will find ourselves.

13 thoughts on “Looking Lost

  1. the other left. 🙂
    I was picking up the college kid on Friday. I hadn’t been to her apartment before. My phone kept trying to get me on her street. Which was an alley. With no kind of marking. It took a couple trip around the block before I finally made it.
    Life needs more street signs.
    Your poem is lovely.


    1. At least the GPS had you in the right area… Thanks for the kind words and the nice compliment. I don’t navigate with street signs – I prefer the landmark direction method “turn at the Walmart and go until you see a red barn and then turn left. Look for the brick and butterscotch house with a white fence…”


  2. My life is a series of getting lost and finding my way. This is more true in the ‘burbs, where so much looks the same. The suburbs of the mind also need a fine GPS, but I also get there, eventually.


    1. I’m usually faking it! If it wasn’t for the GPS I’d be really lost. As it is my moral compass gets a workout daily. I’m glad you thought this poem lovely! I appreciate your opinion!


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