I’m watching. It is a fascinating occupation. Not that I sit in judgement but I observe and absorb the activities. Some would say I’m detached, distant, removed. I am the sponge filled with the water of events – take them in and wring them out. If not for the letting go I would overflow, saturate and sink to the depths. The things I see and feel and know leave traces. I am never completely unaffected. And so I continue to take in and let go. Those who ask will be answered. Those who look askance do not count. I see them and let go. Breathe in and breathe out. Live. Live well. Live. Live well. The rhythm in me continues, a tidal pattern, a moon cycle, a rising and setting of the sun, movement of planets, a dance. I see you on the periphery watching. Do not be afraid. Join me in the dance. Listen to the music of the universe and stand next to me and we will watch together. Live. Live well. Live. Live well.

In case you didn’t notice the tag on this post, this is a prose poem. I was first introduced to this form by a former xangan who challenged many to improve and expand their writing talents. I was terrified and thought that this form would be nearly impossible. I’ve grown to enjoy and appreciate the prose poem. I hope you enjoy this one.

20 thoughts on “Watching

      1. I hear you! I’ve regretted not being able to stop in more frequently over the summer, as well as a few comments that got away without reply, so I was glad to finally do so. Anyway, sestinas seem to require a certain reliance on luck, in my experience. Chilling!


        1. The sestina causes me to twitch and stutter. I just can’t get the hang of it as mine sound so stilted and contrived. When done right you don’t even realize it is a sestina! Glad you are back and have visited my page – hope life allows you to find the rhythm!

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  1. I absolutely love this! This is a brilliant piece of poetry and prose combined. You, my daughter, are most talented! I am so proud of you.


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