Looking Relieved

This week my mother had surgery. Although she is older, she is also in pretty good health for being 85 years old. Still it was concerning. When I first heard that she needed to have a heart surgery I was rather worried (on the order of hand wringing and teeth gritting). Being so far away is difficult when these things come up. After several doctor visits and consultations with the surgeons (and all the tests), it was decided that she was eligible for a less invasive procedure, the problem was most likely just the aortic valve (instead of all three valves), and the surgery should be quick with a lightening fast recovery.

The surgery was supposed to start at 10:30 AM but due to some delays she didn’t go back to the operating room until 3:00 PM. Of course I didn’t know that since I was in a meeting for 5 hours in the basement of a new campus building. I think if there were a tornado or apocalypse I’d want to be in that basement. It was impenetrable! So as I had breaks in my meeting I’d send text messages inquiring on her status. Sadly they didn’t go through – until the end of the day as I emerged from the lower level – then all the texts came flooding to my phone and all mine went winging through the ether.

The angst of the long wait and the longer prep time dissipated when she came out of surgery. She came through with flying colors. When in recovery she was very talkative and was very lucid. The surgeon said she can likely go home in 2 days. He also stated that she didn’t have a stroke or need a pacemaker! So that is really great news. The doctors believe she will be back to her normal activity in a week or less. This is very good news. Even better news is that the new aortic valve is functioning perfectly and all her other heart valves are working normally. I’m feeling relieved.

20 thoughts on “Looking Relieved

    1. Me too. She is now home as of today. Only there for 2 days but will have a visiting nurse and physical therapist seeing her every other day for awhile. Her doctor is doing everything to make her recovery smooth and very fast!


    1. As I mentioned to Bonnie, she is home and will be very closely looked after. Between the visiting nurse, visiting physical therapist and my sister, she should be up and dancing the Charleston again in no time!


  1. How horrible to have to wait so long — but I’m glad the results are so good! It’s a good sign that the surgery was less invasive, and that she came out with flying colors!!! My thouoghts are with you!

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    1. Thanks Janet. There were lots of prayers and positive vibes sent her way. I suppose it was a good thing that the surgery was delayed to make sure everything was ready and right before starting. She is home and already bored with having to stay in bed with lots of restrictions until they make sure everything is healing. She won’t be able to go to work (hospice volunteer at the VA) until the doctor give her the all clear…

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      1. I’m glad to hear your mom is compliant! My current restrictions are not to engage in heavy exercise or swimming activities — not too difficult to adhere to!

        And I loved little mousie drinking tea along the way!


    1. She is active and really engaged – she volunteers at church and at the VA and is a political junkie on top of an avid genealogist! She doesn’t stay still long… the forced inactivity will no doubt only be physical as she will be catching up on the news!

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  2. I am so glad everything went well! How nerve-racking there was no communication! I’m glad to hear she is home and has some after care. It sounds like she will recover nicely. Peace to you


    1. Thanks! Yes she is well looked after. Since it was an “easy” surgery and fairly noninvasive her recovery is anticipated to be quick. Originally I thought I would have to go out to stay with her but my sister (whom she lives with) has the week off and will be able to handle it.


  3. Yep! I am one tough old mama! Saw the visiting nurse and physical therapist this week after surgery 6 days ago. The PT said I would not need to see him again….am in better shape than his 60 year old clients! I will do laps inside …good circular floor plan makes it easy.


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