Watching the New Cashier

I’ve been told I’m a very patient person. I have also been taught that patience is a virtue. This last weekend I went shopping. I was patient when the lines were long at Goodwill. I was in no rush when I had to wait to get down the aisle past a grid lock of shopping carts at the grocery. I leisurely strolled while in Kohl’s and was unperturbed that I couldn’t find a cart. I wanted to be home by dinnertime. No problem. I stepped up to the register and placed my purchases (scrupulously selected and tallied to be able to utilize my $10 off a $50 purchase) in front of the cashier.

She looked so very young with her braces and ponytail. Her name tag said “Cassandra”. She admitted that this was only her 3rd day on the job. She was polite and quick. When she told me that I couldn’t use my coupon AND the 20% off, I corrected her gently and let her know how it worked. The coupon must be taken before the percent off discount. She tried it and it worked. Her reaction was one of anguish. She confessed that the customer before me had the same deal but she did it backwards and they couldn’t use the coupon! I entered my charge card but it announced that I must go to the customer service and call the national customer service hotline. I think I wrinkled my brow. Cassandra asked the older cashier next to her for assistance. After some touch screen manipulations, the older woman asked me to put my number in again, since I must have hit a wrong key. At first it looked good but suddenly it gave me the same error message. Then I was asked if I wanted to pay using a different card. So I used my Master card. But that caused my $10 coupon to be invalidated. So poor Cassandra had to void out the whole order.

You see, even though I added up the cost on the tags to make sure I was at or above $50, the tags were not accurate and the prices were actually much lower than anticipated! I had to go to customer services, call the hot line, have a temporary card issued, and find another $16 worth of clothing. So I complied with good humor. The clothes I had tried on and rejected had disappeared from the dressing room so I had to search all over for them. I finally found them and retrieved a nice printed t-shirt. It was marked $4.80 but the real price was $3.60. I found another t-shirt marked $8.40 but it was only $1.60!! I picked out a couple tank tops listed at $4.80 that were really $3.60… It took me a long time to get the tops and the temporary credit card.

With my additional purchases in hand I waited for Cassandra. She was getting a refresher course in how to count her drawer. I stood by and waited. Cassandra re-rang all the previous purchases and then the new ones. She struggled with the coupons, and the new total. But I waited smiling. As we finished the transaction she apologized for all the trouble. I just laughed and said it wasn’t her fault. She thanked me for being so patient. I just smiled and chuckled and let her know that it was much better to have learned how to do all the crazy stuff with a customer that wasn’t in a rush or in a bad temper. I think I made her day. I know she made mine! I ended up saving $272.80 on 12 clothing items. I paid $37.66. Yeah, sticking it to the man! hehehe!

15 thoughts on “Watching the New Cashier

    1. Yes it was my Kohl’s card – seems they sent me a new one and it never arrived and then they deactivated my old one… So they had to cancel the new one and send me another! If only I had known!!


  1. Shhh, don’t tell everyone about Kohl’s. 😉

    Supernatural patience! You were a blessing to that young person. Way to go!


  2. Love this! For me, shopping is a competitive sport–even if I had tons of $$$, I would still look for getting good deals and bargains. Plus, I love how kind you were to the newbie cashier. Everyone has been new on the job before, and I have little tolerance for those who are rude to others or abusive to people in the service industry. God bless!


    1. Yes, they have a lot to learn and a “difficult” customer is not something they need to deal with right away! I don’t want to be the person they complain about at the dinner table!


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