Looking to Celebrate

Son#2 celebrated his birthday this month. As is our family tradition, I baked him a pie according to his specifications. Usually he requests a rhubarb pie in combination with another fruit – sometimes pineapple, other times peach or apple. This time he requested cherry – not any cherry pie but a tart cherry pie. I had prepared ahead of time thinking he’d want rhubarb. I bought rhubarb when it was available and cut and froze a pre-measured amount just for a pie. Anyway, he wanted cherry and that’s just what he got!

Here is the pie just before entering the oven. I thought it looked nice. I was worried that it would be so juicy that it would bubble over and obliterate the design.

Here is the pie cooling from the oven. It came out beautiful! I got so very lucky that the picture on top wasn’t destroyed. Son#2 still hasn’t indicated that it tasted good but I’m pretty sure it was delicious – I added extra cinnamon and used fresh ground nutmeg.

8 thoughts on “Looking to Celebrate

    1. I cheat and use the Pillsbury Ready-Crust. It is a good crust and quick and easy… Although I can make my own. Pie is really an easy dessert – easy as pie! I’m fortunate to know lots of really excellent pie makers.


    1. I was so sure he would ask for rhubarb! Last year he wanted rhubarb and I couldn’t find any. This year I was prepared and he wanted cherry. My cherry pie IS good so I’m sure he wasn’t disappointed.


    1. We are a rhubarb loving family. Not much is better than “pie plant” done right! In fact when I first got married I wanted to purchase a couple of “good” cookbooks. I based the value of a cook book on whether or not it had a recipe for rhubarb! I’ve tried to get rhubarb to grow in my yard but the walnut trees have poisoned the ground. Next year I want to start some as a decorative border along the side of the house. I’m still trying to convince my husband that that would be a good idea…


  1. My grandmother was a great pie maker!! I am not so much, but I love to eat it! Rhubarb is a nice flavor, especially if you’re tired of cherry and apple…. blueberry is my family’s favorite.


    1. Hey! Another xangan! So glad you found me! I am a fan of blueberry but my husband is not so I don’t often make it. The best pie I make varies from person to person… son#1 is all about a deep dish French apple pie, son#2 prefers rhubarb (usually), and my husband can’t get enough of my pumpkin pie. The one of best I’ve had is a recipe from saintvi for a Spiced Rum Pear pie.


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