Watching My Phone

With the reorganization came a new title and additional responsibilities. One of those responsibilities was being on-call for problems with the environmental monitoring system. That is, alarms that the temperature or humidity are too high or too low, alarms for pressure differentials in rooms (we have positive and negative pressure rooms), and the one that causes me the most angst – water flow. If the water flow is too high for too long it indicates a leak or pipe rupture. When we get a low water alarm it means that a tank has drained out which in turn means we have a leak or pipe rupture or a pump failure! I can handle most things with ease. However the water system gives me heart palpitations.

All the anxiety is centered on my phone. You see I’m not entirely sure the alarms will come to my phone properly. There was quite the drama getting the computerized system to recognize all the new phone numbers and make calls. Then there was the upgrade to the system that goofed up the ability to even get on the computer to see what the phone call was about. Supposedly it was fixed. Except we generally get about 5 alarms during the day for various reasons and lots during the night for the same various reasons but my phone is silent. Are there alarms? Is my phone not being called? Am I sleeping through the alarms?

To ensure that I get the alarms, I set my phone to the most obnoxious ringtone for the numbers from the system. I turned the volume all the way up. And I’ve strategically positioned it next to my head. I’m a deep sleeper for the most part although I can hear and wake to the sound of a restless infant or a coughing child. So being very keyed into the phone I awake when it pings. Which it does when any of my FaceBook friends comments on anything anywhere in the FB universe. I wake when it knocks indicating a text message. Who could possible be texting me at 1:00 AM? But there are a couple of people who are night owls. I get a beep to alert me of a system upgrade or an app update (which they like to do at 3:00 AM). The dang thing also flashes a blue light for some unknown reason at random intervals. This is worse than being a new parent.

I used to hold that there was no good reason to be glued to a phone. I’ve had to readjust my opinion on that point. When I had to make the trip to the wilderness of Wisconsin one of the nice perks was that there wasn’t any internet or cell reception. That effectively gave me a reprieve from my phone! I am really anxious to ditch my ball and chain when it is no longer my turn on-call… One more week!

23 thoughts on “Watching My Phone

    1. We are currently working in pairs ans have 2 weeks on ans 2 weeks off. This Monday there will be some upgrades – again. I’m hopeful the latest changes will be to our benefit in reduced alarms!


  1. Your job sounds intriguing! It also sounds like there should be failsafes.
    I hear you about the night birds. I do not allow Facebook to send me notifications, but I’m afraid to turn off texting at night in case there is some emergency. Yet sleep is so rare and precious around here.


  2. That sounds terrible! I hope there are enough people on the rotation that this doesn’t occur often — and I hope they will reduce the on-call length to a week at a time or less!My other thought would be to use a different phone for the call rotation, but I’m not sure that would work very well!


    1. Seems more and more we are expected to be tethered to the phone or plugged into the internet… and not for fun but for work. No wonder there are so many articles about “unplugging”!


    1. Exactly! I’m hoping I can get away soon. It makes it almost impossible to go to a movie or to any events when I may have to bolt due to the phone alerting me of a problem… At least if we are conscientious about it. And I am.


  3. I’m sorry if my comments on FB wake you up. At least I don’t stay up past 10 or 11. I found you here ‘cuz your mom posted a link to your poem above. I’ve missed you. I’m not sure how to get on WordPress, but I’ll keep trying.


  4. Holy cow…. I hope you don’t have to do that often. Sometimes the little alerts wake me and sometimes they don’t. I can understand having a loud, obnoxious alert for that. peace to you


    1. It is 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. I’m going to be going on shortly. I think we’ve got most of the “bugs” worked out so I won’t have to deal with false alarms!


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