Looking Bad Luck in the Eye

Today is Friday. Friday the Thirteenth to be exact. I work with scientists, educated people, and people getting an education. You would think that superstition doesn’t have a real foothold but you would be wrong. I understand that superstition is not a rational or logical thought process. I believe that when we make choices we influence the outcome of our actions or inactions. But there has to come a day when we look Bad Luck in the eye and stare it down. Today I’m taking a stand. I’m striding into work and I’m calling Bad Luck out. I’m drawing a line in the proverbial sand and telling Bad Luck that we are having a Bad Luck free day. That my office, my team and my life are in a zero-tolerance zone for superstitions and specifically Bad Luck. I’ve got my Irish up and Bad Luck had better turn tail and run. I’m not standing for any shenanigans, not today and not ever.

On another topic only related sideways, I have a list of “to do” items that I absolutely have to complete today. My hope is that I will be able to get it all done by 5:00 PM. Only time will tell.

15 thoughts on “Looking Bad Luck in the Eye

    1. I never bought into the superstitions other than a funny diversion – there are some who believe so strongly that it changes their lives. I know a woman who WILL NOT make a left turn. She will circle around so that she only has to turn right! I think it is silly but she refuses to turn left because you know, left is bad… Oy!

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        1. The Latin for left is sinister – so left has been labeled “bad” for a long time. It is the same reason that kids who showed a preference for writing left-handed were forceably switched to right-handed (my grandfather was ambidextrous due to having his left hand tied to the desk)…

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      1. Of course — the language often explains mysteries! I knew that lefties were often forced to switch, but didn’t know how draconian that treatment might be!


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