Looking Photogenic Redux

Earlier this week Sparky and I had to sit for the church directory photo. We’ve done several of these over the years. I have most of the “free” 8″ x 10″ photos. Granted they are not displayed but I have them. Looking back there is the first – I was single and wearing a rust colored polyester dress with a (once again popular) cowl-neck. It was just me. I was wearing earrings. The second one was with the boys aged 1 and 2. Sparky had a mustache. We look so young! The following photos were varying degrees of awful. There was the one that was taken at the end of July. We were all dressed up and had to wait for our turn in a sweltering room (no AC). By the time we sat down in front of the camera we looked wilted. Our hair was plastered to our foreheads, sweat beaded on our upper lips, our faces were all red (my make-up had melted off completely) and our clothes were damp and wrinkled. Needless to say there wasn’t any “re-touching” that could save that photo. The last one with the boys was amusing. The photographer had a set formula for arranging family groups. Sadly it did not take into account that I am short and the rest of the family is tall. If only he had had the guys sit and let me stand behind them…

So this time I wore my blue and white block print wrap. It is like an over-sized shawl with little pom-poms along the edge. Sparky does not like it. Everyone else adores it and I get lots of compliments. We posed. Sparky smiled. I smiled. Sparky closed his eyes. And repeat. Repeat again and again. Finally we got a couple good photos. Which in the digital age allows for instant repeats. Before we went Sparky cautioned me, “Don’t cave to the sales pitch. We are just getting the free 8×10 and that’s it!” The photos were really good. When he asked me if I wanted the 5×7, 8×10, wallets, and the 3 photo montage I responded “Its up to you.” So it was all him. Sparky is having Christmas cards made. If you are on my Christmas card list then you now know that we’ve already completed that task – and before Halloween too!

So as an explanation for the abbreviated post: I thought I had saved it and then fell asleep at the computer. I went to bed and it posted at the autosave point which was before I had finished… Lucky for us all I had saved it into a word document and am able to cut and paste it so you all can enjoy the full post.

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