Big Commerce Is Watching

At the South Bend Museum of Art is a painting they just recently hung. It caught my attention immediately. I had wanted to photograph it but my phone battery was too low. (Isn’t that how it seems to happen?) So last Thursday I had 85% battery, enough light, and I managed to remember that I needed a photo. This painting reminded me of a Munzee and I wanted to share it with saintvi on Friday. What is a munzee? Well, I’m not sure how to answer that. The Wikipedia answer is more involved. But the short answer is that “Munzee is a freemium scavenger hunt game where places have to be found in the real world. The game is similar to Geocaching but uses QR code technology, in addition to device GPS location, to prove the find instead of a logbook.” Anyway when you look at this painting you’ll understand why I thought of saintvi and geocaching.

Webcam caches are caches that use existing web cameras placed by individuals or agencies that monitor various areas like parks or road conditions. The idea is to get yourself in front of the camera to log your visit. The challenging part, however, it that you need to call a friend to look up the web site that displays the camera shot. You will need to have them save the picture to log the cache. If you’re tech savvy you could use your wireless modem and save the image yourself on your laptop. The webcam caches are still out there but they aren’t allowing new ones to be listed. So there isn’t any way this one could be made into a webcam cache – even though it is perfect! When I looked up the QR code it took me the artist’s webpage ( that was attached to the camera showing the area in front of the painting. Sadly I was just a few steps further back and off camera! The title of the painting is “Big Commerce Is Watching You” and it really is watching!!

10 thoughts on “Big Commerce Is Watching

  1. It would be perfect for a webcam cache! I finally got one – at a haunted library that had “ghost cams” set up all over the library. Of course, we went to one of the webcams in the basement because that’s how we roll.


    1. Not knowing what the innards of a computer look like that wasn’t my first thought! I’ll have to look at the computer in the basement that Sparky used as a demo for a class he taught on computers. He had the students look at and identify all the parts – fan, motherboard, sound card, video card, speakers, etc.

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