Looking Beat

I’m a red head and that means I have a propensity to bleed. If I get a cut it gushes blood. A simple nick on a finger bleeds like a scalp wound. That also means I bruise easily since bruises are simply hemorrhages under the skin. The weekend before last Sparky and I visited saintvi to assist with a couple chores. Sparky removed the air conditioner units from the windows and then replaced the bathroom door knob. So when does the bleeding and bruising come in? I decided that since I couldn’t lift a window AC unit, I’d help out by peeling duct tape off the window trim. I pulled and then at the last second the tape broke. I slammed the knuckle of my thumb into the edge of the window. It first appeared to be a tiny scrape. Then it started dripping blood. I had to wipe my blood off the white window sill and then I had to get a band-aid. It bled for a couple hours. Sheesh!

My next mishap involved the bathroom door. Sparky replaced the bathroom door knobs (with my invaluable assistance) as saintvi supervised. To check out the finished door, she went into the bathroom and shut the door. Or at least tried to shut the door. The new knobs were just slightly different causing the door to not close easily. The door was slammed and I caught motion in my peripheral vision. Instinctively I raised my arm to shield my face. An antique wooden potato masher leapt off the wall and was hurtling toward my cranium. Fortunately it bounced off my arm (or so I thought), hit the wall and bounced hitting my knee. I was sure I was going to have a huge bruise on my knee. I was mistaken.

On Monday the bruise showed up as a small dark spot, deep beneath the skin. By Tuesday it was definitely darker. Before I left work it had found its way to the surface and was purple with a green tinge. When I woke up on Wednesday morning it had doubled in size and had turned a sickly brownish color. Here it is almost 10 days past and it still looks awful. The nice part is that it never hurt at all!

18 thoughts on “Looking Beat

  1. So sorry you had the marks of a battered woman. That’s what they ask me years ago when I ended in ER for stitches after a fall in the bath tub. Now my latest fall in the bathroom left bruises on my arm and back side. Hubby is aghast how those look. They only hurt when touched now. But I don’t bleed like you and I’m sure not a red head. 🙂


    1. I remember you saying you had fallen in the bathroom. I hope your bruises are fading and I’m glad nothing was broken! Bathroom falls are very dangerous since there are so many hard and unforgiving surfaces! My bruise is faint and getting lighter by the day. The photo doesn’t show the size – at one point it reached to my thumb!


  2. That’s terrible! My dad’s skin is sort of like that. He’s blond but has a red beard. I never realized there was a connection. It was nice of you all to help out!


    1. Yes red haired women usually are reported to have a slower clotting time and increased bruising. Every time I’ve had to have surgery they insist on doing a clotting time to make sure I don’t bleed excessively.

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    1. Me too but my knee has a tiny little bruise about the size of a chocolate chip. My hand however had a big old bruise. But the up side was that it didn’t hurt. Now if all my bruises were as painless!


  3. You poor thing! I’m not a redhead, but I also bruise easily. Often, I don’t even know where a particular bruise came from! I’m glad that yours doesn’t feel as bad as it looks!


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