Looking Chilled

All the signs were pointing to winter arriving – grey skies, dropping temperatures, a chill wind and even the random, transient snow flake. The landscape department had their people out purging water from the in-ground sprinkler system. I wouldn’t have noticed except it was creating a fine freezing mist that I couldn’t avoid on my walk into work. These same workers were lopping off the iris leaves and cutting the day lilies. It really bothered me to see them cut the lilies since they were still blooming. I realize that they are behind schedule and probably delayed it as long as possible. Really, they usually have the plants trimmed back before the second week of October. I just didn’t want to believe. Most of the trees still have leaves. Most of the leaves on the trees are still GREEN! Some flowers are blooming. We still have a couple tomatoes on the vines. The robins are hanging around. However it is official, winter has arrived. Fall is done and over. I moved the summer pajamas out and the winter fleece ones into the drawer. But that is not what sealed the fate of autumn. Because our bedroom is on the corner of the house and takes the brunt of the wind causing it to be the coldest room, Sparky turned on the space heater and broke out the humidifier. I’m still not ready for winter despite the Cuddle Duds® sheets and the thermal blanket on the bed

Winterized garden
Iris leaves given crew cuts
Roses in igloos

16 thoughts on “Looking Chilled

  1. The perils of life in the Land of the Lake Effect are still in my memory, years after almost losing my right hand to frostbite, in late December, 1978. Stay as warm and dry as possible, even in your corner room.


  2. This certainly paints a vivid seasonal picture! Do they encase the roses in ice to protect them, as they do citrus trees in some locations?


  3. Winter is here too.. We had a few snow flurries a couple of weeks back. Todd is coming in one last time this season to prune all the roses, cover them up with grass clippings and leaves and then my garden will sleep. But the leaves in all the streets, they are showering rainbows of red and orange and yellows and pale greens. most of the trees are itching to get naked and expose the numerous nests that they have lodged all spring and summer. Last week I put my summer clothes away and all the wools and tweeds and cashmere blouses and slacks have come out and are hanging in the closet. Almost every time I leave the home, I forget to wear the dang winter coat. GAH! Six months of this! I should move away to a warm place.


    1. I’m hoping this winter is short! I have a blanket draped over the chair at the computer so I can wrap up and stay warm while checking posts on WP and Xanga… Soon Sparky will be setting up the other space heater in the computer room! Brrrr!


  4. I know what you mean about the delay of cool. It seems like we’ve been preparing for winter for a couple months. This week it is finally starting to feel like fall…. I enjoy the cool weather as much as I can since I tend to overheat. 🙂


    1. I’m always cold! I joke that I’m a poikilotherm! This morning I saw a tree covered in frost with green leaves. When I left work all the leaves had fallen off – still green. Seems that is going to be the norm this fall.


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