Looking to Hang On

The last leaf pick-up was announced. They will begin to convert the trucks from leaf removal to snow removal the week of Thanksgiving. The last pick-up for our neighborhood is next Tuesday. I’m pretty sure we will be bagging leaves to be hauled to the landfill. My drive to work takes me along a scenic route lined with trees. These trees have just started to get a tinge of color to the leaves. They are all firmly attached and show no real signs of letting go of the branches. At work the trees are starting to show more color but they are interspersed with trees that remain a verdant green. Again there are no signs that the landscape crews will be doing any raking or leaf blowing in the near future. Although I worry that the late falling leaves will coincide with a heavy snow fall and result in killing the lawn, I can’t help but admire the tenacity of the leaves. I suppose we are all like the leaves. We live and eventually die. I also think that many people are like those leaves that refuse to let go. We remain green and continue to flutter like flags in the wind. Whether you consider it stubbornness and defiance (holding a negative connotation) or a zest and zeal for life (in a more positive light) we as a species are motivated to hang on – to life!

6 thoughts on “Looking to Hang On

  1. Perhaps some day your city will do like ours and invest in green bins and then sell the contents to be made later into compost.

    I have fond memories of our maple trees and our burning the leaves at night as sis and I harmonized and enjoyed the time together.


    1. The city leaf pick-up vacuums the leaves and grinds them to mulch. It is free to residents but you have to go get it and haul it yourself from a special location. The problem is that they aren’t open regular hours so it really isn’t convenient for most folks…. We aren’t allowed to burn anything!


    1. We are supposed to have snow tonight! And I’m pretty sure the leaves will still be on the trees. We haven’t been doing any raking either. The few leaves that have fallen have been swept away by the wind!


    1. My husband, Sparky, raked leaves today and we have a huge pile a the curb. There are more than half the leaves still on the trees though! The weather forecast is temps back in the low 60s on the weekend! I am hoping that is true!!


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