Looking Sick of Turkey

I know is is almost a sacrilege to give voice to the idea that one could get sick of turkey. I personally love turkey. Sparky counts turkey as his favorite meat. Still… The week before Thanksgiving I made turkey corn chowder (which made a huge pot that we ate on for a week). We were able to finish it off just in time to make room in the refrigerator for the Thanksgiving Day food preparations. We had turkey on Thanksgiving. I roasted a magnificent 17.65 pound young tom. I filled the body cavity with a bottle of Moscato wine. The gravy was heavenly and the meat tender, moist, and flavorful. We ate turkey leftovers at every meal on Friday the 24th. I had Turkey for lunch on Saturday. Then on Sunday we went to Sparky’s sister’s house for another Thanksgiving – with another turkey. I used 2 cups of diced turkey to make a turkey pot pie, which we will eat for 3 meals.

Me: “I’m tired of turkey”
Sparky: “I’m never tired of turkey but I don’t want to eat it again today.”
Me: “Do you want to go out to eat?”
Sparky: “Sure!”
Me: “Where do you want to go?”
Sparky: “I’ll leave it up to you.”
Me: “What about sushi?”
Sparky: “Wellll, I guess that would be fine. Do you want to eat at Hibachi Grill or East of Tokyo?”
Me: “East of Tokyo!!!”

In rebellion against eating any more turkey, we went out to eat. Now, before I wax poetic about sushi, you should know that Sparky is lukewarm about sushi. He overdosed on sushi when we were travelling once and has never embraced it as warmly since. But he really likes East of Tokyo.

We started our meal with shumai and harumaki. We followed the appetizers with an order of a bagel roll (smoked salmon and cream cheese), a volcano roll (deep fried sweet potato, spicy crab stick inside, with spicy mayo, eel sauce and panko on top), Golden Dream Roll (shrimp tempura and avocado inside, topped with sliced mango and mango sauce), Spicy Salmon Roll (fresh chopped salmon and roe with spicy sauce), and a Crunchy California Roll (a tempura fried roll made with crab stick, avocado and cucumber). It was very good. Although I’m the “spice wimp” I loved the volcano roll and the spicy salmon roll. Sparky said they were too spicy for his tastes! When the second order came, It was so beautiful I had to take a photo!

At the top left is a selection of sashimi including salmon, tuna, yellowtail, swordfish, and mackerel. The bottom left has two nigri of flying fish roe. The entire right side contains two Playboy Rolls (crab and sweet potato inside with salmon and mango on top with a mango puree sauce over it all). This was so delicious that I was seriously considering ordering another one – but I was really full. Hands down this is the best sushi in town! Although the Golden Dragon Roll is good if you like avocado, the Playboy Roll is absolutely my favorite. After this little interlude, I will be making some more turkey leftovers. As soon as the pot pie is gone I will attempt turkey enchiladas…

7 thoughts on “Looking Sick of Turkey

    1. The sashimi is an acquired taste for sure. The other sushi isn’t all raw. The shrimp was cooked as was the crab in the volcano roll, the Crunchy California roll, and the Golden Dream Roll… there are others that do not have any raw fish. The Bagel Roll had smoked salmon which is cooked by smoking so it has a smoky flavor but has a soft texture….


      1. My protein is primarily salmon and white fishes and chicken/turkey. No shellfish, no heavy fishes (eg., swordfish), no trout, AND no legumes or asparagus or mushrooms. I occasionally cheat a little bit now, but have controlled gout for 5 years with that diet! The sweet potato roll and the Playboy Roll both look delicious!


  1. I suppose I could branch out and eat things like salmon sushi, etc, once in a while, as long as they don’t contain too much of the no-no’s. It’s just been easier to stick to non-trigger foods and not eat those that could trigger attacks. It’s actually a pretty good diet, and almost every place has either fish or chicken.


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