Looking to Party

Last Friday was the first of 6 Christmas Parties I’m obligated to attend. It was our department party. We are went to a nice Italian restaurant. I was hoping there wouldn’t be jockeying for seating and that everyone would mingle instead of sitting in little cliques. Because it was a Friday we worked through our regular lunch time and then after the party we could leave for the day. It was another opportunity to practice our teamwork. I’m forever hopeful that the concept of “one for all and all for one” will finally be embraced by each and every member of the staff. Still waiting on that to happen.

And last night was the second one. This was the Biology Department’s big gala event. They pulled out all the stops and really had a fancy spread! The food was excellent. The cookie contest provided a huge assortment of delicious cookies. And what Christmas party would be complete without a visit from Santa?! Because families are invited there were lots and lots of children. Each one received a gift that was “just what they wanted!” because their parents were in collusion with Santa. We sat with some of my coworkers and enjoyed their company. The photo booth was there again but unfortunately my hope that we’d get a Christmas card photo for next year was dashed. The pictures were out of focus so that idea fell through. Sort of glad since Sparky wanted to take one of us sticking our tongues out….

Tomorrow is the Research party. And the office of research knows how to party! Sparky and I will attend since he doesn’t have to work late. They will no doubt have excellent food and killer desserts. I’m hoping they have the ice cream again. They had the folks who pour cream on super cooled stone and mix fruit into it and then scrape it off in rolls and stack them in a cup – so tasty! I’m hoping they have the ham and prime rib stations again…

Saturday is a CHRP (Christ Renews His Parish) Birthday celebration for one of the CHRP ladies who is turning (gasp) 40. I bought her some sushi making items (bamboo mats, special dishes for the sauce and a platter and chopsticks). It starts at 2:00 PM and lasts until ?? – according to the invitation. It is a surprise party so she is being taken out to lunch and her husband is getting everything coordinated. He is so sneaky!

Then on Sunday is the Choir Christmas party. We are going to meet at one of the choir member’s homes after the choir finishes their caroling. This year they will be going to the hospital, 3 nursing homes, and a senior center. It is always a festive and fun time. I have decided to make roll-ups. Some will be spinach tortillas with ham and cream cheese and red and green peppers, others will be salmon cream cheese with onion and red and green peppers. I will of course make some without peppers since I’ve developed an allergy to the peppers.

Finally the last party will be our annual Christmas Potluck and Gift Exchange. The party planning committee has decided that we are going back to the old method where each person (who wants to participate) purchases and wraps a gift in the price range of $15- $20. We will then do the Dirty Santa exchange where you can either take someone’s unwrapped gift or pick from the table of wrapped presents. A gift can be stolen 3 times and then it is ineligible and the person who took it the 3rd time is the permanent owner. I purchased a set of 2 ceramic coated skillets. If I’m lucky I will be able to steal them for myself. Ha! I would like a new one! Of course we will also have the food. I might make my oh so delicious cheese spread or maybe mint chocolate chip cookies then again I just might make a crockpot dip (has cheese, artichokes, spinach and cream cheese). We’ll see.

I’ll be so happy when the temptation of all the holiday food, parties, and Christmas candy is gone. Until then I’m working on my steps!!

21 thoughts on “Looking to Party

  1. Here we sit as retired persons, don’t drive after dark so can’t enjoy church festivities. No Christmas eve for us unless our daughter wishes to leave work and take us. That isn’t going to happen. She hasn’t made church the last 3 Sunday’s. And no we don’t have taxi $.


    1. I’m surprised your church doesn’t have someone willing to come get you for Christmas Eve service. We have a whole group that will go get members who for one reason or another can’t get to church on their own…


  2. Working on your steps? Do you have a fitbit that counts your steps or something? It’s winter. We’re supposed to gain weight because fat keeps us warm! Haha! That’s the excuse I’m using to eat whatever I want: evolutionary biology wants me to eat!


    1. Haha! Evolutionary biology! That is a very clever excuse! Yes I have a fit bit and I have exceeded my goals for today. I have 12,332 steps so far and 36 flights of stairs and 5.19 miles walked. It has been a busy day!


    1. Yup. I will be very busy and because they overlap with the guest lists I have to figure out a multitude of outfits to wear!! (I am well aware that it is a 1st world problem.) Luckily all my cool clothes were purchased at Goodwill so it isn’t breaking the bank!!


    1. Thanks! I signed up for the potluck and someone beat me to the cheese ball option and someone else is bringing pie and yet another is bringing cookies. I’ve decided on a festive quinoa salad with cherries, cranberries, oranges, and pecans!


  3. Fun parties. I’m glad the husband is making his wife’s birthday special. Many who have birthdays near Christmas don’t get that. Little Cutie’s bday is the 20th and my mil’s and niece’s is the 27th. We try to make those extra special for them. 😉


    1. Yes. I had a friend who’s birthday was December 24th! She never had a birthday party on her birthday since all her friends were doing things with their families. I think her parents tried to make sure she had “birthday presents” in addition to the other ones under the tree. Still her birthday always took a backseat to Christmas.

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      1. With a 12/30 birthday, I was never sure if it was Christmas or New Year’s that took precedence. Parties were always part of the holiday, though, including a beach party, a theater party, and a treasure hunt. It was always a special day until the Christmas tree came down!


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