Looking a Lot Like Christmas

As you might have heard, last week we got snow. Lots and lots of the white fluffy stuff. Although Facebook was on fire about the snow that fell in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and other spots to the south, it was a small amount compared to what was predicted in Northern Indiana and Southwestern Michigan. We got a few inches on Sunday, a few more on Monday, and lots more on Tuesday and into Wednesday. The plows and salt trucks were out and the main roads are fine. Outside was blanketed with beautiful white snow. It was excellent packing snow, the wet heavy kind, and the neighborhood kids made good use of it. Snowmen and assorted figures now dot many front yards. We had snow off and on all week. Not enough to cancel school but just enough to refresh the pristine look of front yards and erase the foot prints. For those who need snow to get into the Christmas spirit, there is lots of Christmas spirit to go around!

We put up the Christmas tree. Actually, Sparky put up the tree. He selected the lights. I let him put on whatever ornaments he wanted and once he was done I put on my favorites. The only point of contention was the topper. We have the silver star that we bought for our tree our first Christmas, the lighted tinsel and garland star, the starched lace angel, and the corn husk angel that son#1 made in first grade. All of them are acceptable choices but I’m partial to the corn husk angel and Sparky wanted the silver star. Because it is an artificial tree the silver star flopped over. We settled on the corn husk angel this year. A festive tree shouts Christmas louder than nearly any other decoration. The photos show the tree at the Christmas party for our Research Department and then my tree.

I had requested last Tuesday as a vacation day. Well, due to the weather, I was home bound. I was productive. I wrapped all the gifts and I mean ALL of them. So many that I ran out of wrapping paper! My wrapping paper was old. Sparky’s dad worked for a printing company and the paper salesmen would gift him with boxes of wrapping paper (with matching bows). He had a ton of them and he would distribute them to the rest of the family. I had boxes and boxes of wrapping paper. He retired in 1997 and I just finished off the free wrapping paper. The gifts were transported up the stairs and arranged under the tree. Gifts under the tree really make me think that Christmas is coming soon.

20 thoughts on “Looking a Lot Like Christmas

    1. Christmas is compressed this year – the 4th Sunday in Advent is Christmas Eve. That doesn’t happen very often so the last minute gift buying is really frantic this year! Son#2 is in a panic because he doesn’t have any time off until this coming Wednesday – so he has to really get on it!!


  1. I actually made it to my hair appointment on Tuesday – in Berrien Springs! The sun was shining in The ‘Duh, but about halfway to The Springs, snow was falling and roads were covered. Here’s hoping for clear skies and clear roads on the 21st! My tree is finally up. My presents are all wrapped, ribboned and tagged. Gifts under the bed don’t look so festive, but nothing can go under the tree until Christmas Eve unless we want Boo and Jack to open all the gifts early.


    1. Haha! Yes, Ranger (the destroyer) would rip open any packages under the tree and any ornaments on the tree. That is one thing I don’t miss. I’ve got my fingers crossed for decent weather on the 21st. Are you coming here or am I going there??


  2. I just wish I could click on the photo’s to enlarge them. I like close ups of trees. I took pictures of the tree at the Dr. office and dentist office this week. I can’t figure out how to get a close up of a shiny bulb without my reflection!
    Our tree is daughter’s this year, has only a Nativity under it and a little cookie tin with a paper machie (?sp) mouse son made in a middle school art class. There will be no gifts again. We have all we need and more. 🙂


      1. The Thomas Fire is in the back of Montecito, and very close to the back of Santa Barbara. Yesterday was very windy,, and the fire grew by 11,500 acres — today quiet, but winds are expected to kick up again on Wednesday. I’ll not decide until Wednesday or Thursday whether to go for Christmas or not till New Years or even the next week! It’s definitely too close for comfort! And I’ll definitely take care. My sister is with her daughter 100 miles north — they were looking out the window yesterday, and saw a puff of smoke — they called it in immediately, and the choppers were out and stopped that little fire at less than 30 acres! Nobody’s truly safe!


        1. Every state has its own particular troubles… California has wildfires and mudslides, Georgia has fire ants, Florida has hurricanes, and Indiana is the spawning ground of stupid politics. I think it is easier to deal with fires than with the politicos. (Though I’d like to douse them with some water.) Whether you stay or go for the holidays – I hope they are happy!


  3. Loved this post and the pictures. I got all cards done and mailed except for the ones for the family with the gift inside. They all know what this g’ma will be sending them….same every year so they can have fun shopping at the after Christmas sales, etc. We have some snow here too but not as much as in the region….aka northwestern Indiana.


    1. Thanks! We sent you gifts (they are all for you) and cards… Hope they all arrived safely. I didn’t send the urn for Daddy’s ashes as I don’t want it to get broken. Son#2 will NOT be graduating in May. He has to take another 0 credit class to graduate. Grrrrrr. It is a convocations class where he has to attend a certain number of art performances – plays, choir performances, orchestra performances, dance recitals, etc. They were going to make him do 2 semesters but decided to only require one more semester! He will do orchestra for another semester and take private lessons and the convocations class. He will graduate in Dec. 2018. On the bright side at least this way you won’t have to rush around for Colleen’s graduation.


  4. Yes,indeed! The snow, the tree and all those gifts underneath put the right accent on the great holiday. We MIGHT get snow on Christmas Eve, but for now, it’s just lovely late Fall weather-dry as a bone.


  5. That’s a lot of wrapping paper!
    We don’t really do christmas trees where I am from. Only artificial trees are used by few people, but it is totally normal to not have a christmas tree in your house.
    What matters to us are special clothes and food.


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