Looking Bleery-eyed

I’m quite ashamed of myself. I have absolutely no self control. I did it again, even after I promised I wouldn’t. I purchased a book at St. Vincent DePaul’s Thrift Shop. I am usually very picky about buying books but at a whopping 35 cents a piece and a 75% discount on that, well, I just couldn’t say no. But that’s not what I did that was so, not bad really, but displaying a gross lack of self control. I not only bought the book and read the back cover. I proceeded to read the first 2 chapters. Then I read the next chapter. And the next and next. And before I knew it I had read the whole thing and it was 1:46 AM. I crawled into bed and tried to sleep. Sleep was elusive as I was wondering how the end of the story should have played out.

The book was “Little Bee” by Chris Cleave. The front cover announces “#1 New York Times Bestseller”and various quotes from reviewers. And it was a very good read. I plowed through the story as it switched narrators back and forth between Little Bee and Sarah Summer-O’Rourke. The subject matter was, um, mature and dark and the fact that it could and probably has occurred makes it unsettling. Yet the ending affords a sense of hope.

So I read the book completely cover to cover, went to bead at nearly 2 AM and still managed to get up and make it to church on time. But I was dragging all day. By the end of the day I was really ready for bed and thankfully I slept like the dead, according to my FitBit I logged 24% deep sleep and 50% in light sleep, 22% in REM sleep and a scant 4% awake! That made getting up Monday a lot easier than it could have been. I tell myself every time that I’ll only read one or two chapters and then put the book down. It never happens that way.

10 thoughts on “Looking Bleery-eyed

  1. I get it. It is so difficult to put a good story on hold even when I know it will still be there later. Oh, how many times I’ve told myself just one more page, chapter, or whatever only to find myself in the midst of it when it is time to wake up. 🙂


  2. Been there…..done that too! But alas the eyes are too weak now. Ron’s sister in-law sent me a bunch of large print books her mother had finished….all nonfiction….which I am enjoying a little at a time. Please start taking eye vitamins NOW!!! Blindness runs in the family on your direct female line for the past 4 generations.


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