Looking Merry

Merry Christmas! I just want to give you a sense of the merriment that permeates my life.

I was having a conversation with my husband Sparky. We were discussing how we don’t have a “go to” breakfast restaurant since Calamity Jane’s closed and Honker’s went out of business. He was trying to remember the name of a restaurant…
Sparky: It has a long name but I can’t remember it. You know the place…
Me: You have to give me a little more of a hint if I’m going to guess.
S: It has cheese in the name. You know…
M: Cheddar’s?
S: No, that’s not it. It’s an old restaurant. Like the “Rustic Bucket”.
M: The Rustic Cabin? (that was a well love restaurant in my hometown.)
S: No, no. But like that. Sort of. I think it had old in the name.
M: The Old Country Buffet?
S: (Shakes his head no)
M: The Old Oaken Bucket? (a restaurant/bar near campus)
S: Not that! You know, we ate there a couple times…
M: Fiddler’s Hearth?
S: No! It has cheese and a wooden bucket…
M: I’m drawing a blank. Denny’s? Shoney’s? Big Boy?
S: NO! We got a geocache there. They always have them next to hotels.
M: Bob Evans??
S: Bob Evans?! That doesn’t have anything to do with buckets of cheese!
M: Cheese, lard, its almost the same thing. You need to give me a little more to go on.
S: You KNOW the place! They have a bunch of stuff for sale.
M: Like more than breakfast?
S: Yes! No! I mean yes they serve lots of different food and they have a store.
M: I don’t know what to say. I have no idea what you are talking about.
S: The place with the rocking chairs…
M: Oh! You mean Cracker Barrel??
S: YES that’s the place!!
M: (at this point I started laughing) OK. I guess it makes sense – cheese goes with crackers and a bucket is kind of like a barrel…

His mind works in mysterious ways. Merry Christmas to all!

15 thoughts on “Looking Merry

    1. Gah! It is that word association thing! My sister sent us a game for Christmas that I’m dying to play – it requires just that kind of thinking! (I’m probably going to lose big time to you and Sparky!!!


  1. If Sparky would’ve said, “it’s the place that has too much salt in all their food.” I would’ve known right away! Too too funny dear daughter!


    1. Ha! That would be most places!! I don’t think that clue would have narrowed it down… now if he had said the place that doesn’t use any salt I would right away have said the “Medicaid Lounge”!


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