Looking for Common Ground

Here is episode 9 in the nameless story. I am on the verge of giving up. Maybe that should be the title “The Verge of Giving Up”, what do you think?

My sister was 8 years older than I was. By the time I was in first grade she was a teenager and didn’t have much use for me. I idolized her but she probably never knew. When I was going through my teen years she had been out on her own for a long time. Looking back, I probably didn’t make a good impression on her boyfriend at the time. Nor on the man who became her fiancé but not her husband. I might have been a small part of what scared him off. She never told me what went wrong with that relationship. But to be fair I’ve never asked her either. My therapist used to try to connect the dots between my relationships with my siblings and my feelings of being apart. I think he gave up when he realized that here were no dots to connect. I suppose I should be thankful that she is married and happy. Then again I’ve never met her husband. That’s what happens when there is such distance, physically and emotionally. After my parents passed I didn’t go back. There really isn’t any common ground anymore.

3 thoughts on “Looking for Common Ground

    1. HAHAHA! No, I’m fine with both my sisters. This is another chapter of my fictional story (told in serial form) that I post every Wednesday… I think I might just use “Looking Back” as the title! I’m flattered that it is believable and that you were convinced by this characters’ narration of her life!

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