Looking for a Name

As I mentioned, I got a Roomba for Christmas. I’m really enamored with the little guy. Since it is my robot I decide to give it a name. After much deliberation I chose MO. MO is short for Microorganism Obliterater, a cleaning robot from the movie “Wall-E”. MO is single minded in his mission to get rid of all “foreign contaminants” as is the Roomba.
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I named it MO before I ever heard it speak. In fact I had no idea that it talked. MO says things like “Please recharge Roomba” or “Roomba cannot return to the Home Base” and even “Move Roomba to a new location then press CLEAN to restart.” It is a good name even if MO has a female voice.

Sparky on the other hand calls my Roomba “Chappie” and refuses to call it MO! I cannot and will not call him “Chappie” for several reasons:
1. I have a friend whose husband’s nickname is Chappy.
2. We have relatives with the last name of Chapman and I think it is rude to name it Chappie.
3. I don’t want a robot named after a turkey of a film of the same name about a reprogrammed sentient police robot raised by gangsters…
4. It is my robot and I should be able to name it.

OK so I have a thing about names. I do believe in the power of a name (see my story about Merit V. Bidwell). There is control over things we name. If you can name a fear it is diminished. If you can name an enemy you are that much closer to vanquishing them. And if you name someone, even a nickname, you can influence their interactions with others. Which brings me to the IU South Bend magazine. They were featuring students who were firsts in their family to graduate from college. It was sad. One nice looking young man was named “E-Lexus”! How awful is that? On the next page was an earnest boy with the name “Echo”. I read his name and mentally screamed why?!?! In my job I see lots of strange names. It makes me gasp when I see names like Armani, Allyesunn, Gifty, Revell, and Yersinia (no, these are not international students with ethnic names). I nearly fell out of my chair with that last one. I suppose if you are not in the medical field it isn’t too bad but the causative agent for Black Plague is Yersinia pestis! Heaven help us. Speaking of which, my niece has a step daughter named Nevaeh (neh vie eh) which is heaven spelled backwards. I wonder what possessed these parents to give their children such odd and potentially scarring monikers.

OK, I have now stepped down from the soap box and am headed to work where I will ponder what Moon Unit Zappa thinks of her name and what her friends call her…

14 thoughts on “Looking for a Name

  1. Nevaeh seems to be getting almost common! That name seems to be just asking for stuff to happen. Really, either the mom is going to end up comparing the kid to heaven (which isn’t going to go so well for the kid) or the backwards nature of it means the kid’s life will be the opposite of heaven (which also isn’t going to go so well for the kid). I think I came across a girl named Vagina once. Or maybe I just read it.

    I prefer MO as well, and it IS your robot.

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  2. Maybe your husband really wanted to name it ‘chatty’ but new he dare not. lol As for the way children name children I have been shaking my head for years, but I’ve always hated my middle name of Louise. My sister’s middle name was Loueen and I didn’t like that either. Don’t like my husbands first name, Wilbert, same as his father. His father was called Bert but family nicknamed my husband Wibby and they call him that to this day and I hate it!


    1. Gah! As much as names can be weird and unflattering – nicknames are even worse! That is why I named my sons such that there were no nicknames or shortened forms. Wibby is awful! Wil is a much better abbreviation!!


  3. The Roomba’s name is MO! My Monteecito friend has a son named Joe after his father. When he was a child, someone called him “a chip off the old block.” The name stuck, and he is still Chipper, or Chip!


    1. Hehe! That’s how those names happen. My brother in law’s sister was always called “Sissy” and that’s how most people know her even though her name is Cassandra (which has several logical nicknames associated with it)!


  4. Mo can be short for Maureen. My best friend in 8th grade was named Maureen, but I nicknamed her Schizo. She called me Mousy because I often wore my favorite skirt which I made from Mickey Mouse print fabric.


    1. Hehe! Well I’m sometimes referred to as mouse so we are a good pair! My college roommate called me Pitsie and she was Paws. But we had to have nicknames for all 6 of the Debs. It was just too confusing otherwise! I suppose as the only Valerie they didn’t want me to be the only one in our circle of friends without a nickname…

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  5. Well, I think I’ll call him Chappie too.๐Ÿ˜€

    Oh my world. I just choked!๐Ÿ˜ฒ Naming a child yersinia pestis is so wrong! It has to be an ethnic name.


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