Watching the Clock

Time passes and before you know it you are facing a birthday milestone. I usually don’t put much stock in the birthday number. I think it has to do with the hoopla surrounding birthday #16. I had bought into the idea that turning 16 would be some grand life altering moment. Yep. I turned 16 and it was just another birthday, just another day. I approached my thirtieth with ennui. My 40th birthday came and went without fanfare. By my fiftieth I was completely jaded. Now that my 60th is upon me, I want to celebrate. I pretty much ignored all the other birthdays but this one seems to be screaming for a little panache. I’ve already resigned myself to share it with International Laboratory Technicians’ Week. We will have doughnuts/bagels on Monday, a gift on Tuesday, a potluck on Wednesday, Thursday is the ice cream social, and we have half day off on Friday. I, however, will be going out to dinner on my birthday to East of Tokyo for my half off all you can eat sushi. Sparky and the boys have to work so I’ve enlisted a friend to join me (she has never had sushi). I may even wear a fancy hat with feathers or bells.

That the month of January is near the end already seems incredible. Time is passing at an accelerated rate in my world. I was working when suddenly the lights went off. All of our lights are on a computerized timer and they turn off at 7:15 PM in my office. I hadn’t realized that it was so late. This is happening more often, in fact, it is becoming routine. Here is a little time themed haiku:

We are time’s canvas
Wrinkles form on face and hands
Masterpieces made

19 thoughts on “Watching the Clock

  1. Happy Birthday, Val! Have a wonderful time stuffing yourself with sushi! I will treat you to lunch next time we’re together… maybe even someplace where they bring the menu to the table. πŸ˜‰


  2. Have a very happy birthday! If I were closer, I’d join you for sushi! I was rather blase about birthdays until my 50th — then I got excited about having lived and accomplished for 1.2 century! Now, they’re just another day again ~ ~ ~


    1. Thanks Mom. This birthday is fun so far. I got your card, note and gift – Sparky says it will certainly stretch farther at Goodwill and especially on half price day!! Thank you!!


  3. Have a simply fabulous birthday – with all the feathers, bells and sparkles you can find! Enjoy your sushi and any and all celebrating you can work into the occasion. Enjoyed the haiku. peace & smiles


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