Looking Exercised or Exorcised

I have been working with a personal Wellness Coach to improve my health and well-being. I was fitted with the dreaded Fitbit. I kind of like the fitbit. It tracks my sleep and my exercise and my heart rate. Now I’ve been having some issues with the Fitbit that have frustrated me. Namely it doesn’t want to recognize my exercise when I go for walks. Seems I’m too relaxed when I walk. My heart rate doesn’t want to go much over 75 so the Fitbit doesn’t count it as exercising. Now that doesn’t seem to be a very elevated heart rate and it isn’t for most folks but my resting heart rate hovers in the high 50s or low 60s. I should be happy that my heart is so efficient. But the competitiveness to make my exercise goals of two 30 minute walks goads me to try to make this happen. So far I’ve tried doing a few jumping jacks and then walking but that doesn’t seem to have any effect. I did the stairs – went up and down 10 times and it didn’t register as exercise (though I met my stair goal). I was getting irritated. I decided to attempt to raise my heart rate by yelling and screaming (alone at home while Sparky was at work so as not to appear to have lost my mind or have been possessed by a demon). It actually got my heart up to 89 bpm (beats per minute) and guess what? It worked. I have to maintain an average of 85 bpm for 20 minutes for the Fitbit to give me credit for exercising.

So that brings me to the big question. What should I do? I can scream and shout my head off while walking or I can just pretend that it recognizes my walking and keep track manually. The Wellness Coach can see my exercise chart and I want her to know I’m not “cheating”.


16 thoughts on “Looking Exercised or Exorcised

  1. I also have a resting heart rate that sits at either side of 60 and it is difficult to convince my Garman that I’m exercising when I walk . . . although it might not help that I’m stopping often to take photos of anything that catches my eye. πŸ™‚ I hadn’t thought about screaming as I walk . . . that might draw attention from a certain profession that I’d rather not have to interact with as they might declare that I really am crazy. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€


    1. Others have suggested singing. I only know calm, introspective, or meditative songs. Then again I might be able to play some metal/headbanger “music” and scring (sing/scream) along… I’d still probably get some strange looks.


  2. Put on earphones and sing and dance as you walk. That will accomplish two things: Your wellness coach will like your fitbit numbers AND your neighbors will think you are crazy and they will leave your ass alone. Sometimes that’s a blessing! Ha!


    1. Hehe! Funny! However most of my neighbors know and like me. I wouldn’t want to alienate them – you never know when you’ll need an egg for that “oops I forgot I need to bake that cake” moment.


  3. Hmm… This is strange. I hadn’t heard of this problem before. Maybe whisper sing a fast song so you aren’t attracting too much attention? Would that fool it? I don’t know why but the song that popped in my head was “Get Off My Cloud” – ha. peace to you


    1. The Rolling Stones do have some defiant tunes… Unfortunately I never learned the lyrics to any of their songs. Now ask me to sing some Simon & Garfunkel or some Jim Croce songs and I can probably get a few verses out. Then again it probably won’t elevate my heart rate.


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