Looking Discombobulated

Discombobulated is not my favorite mental state. I tend to strive for a more level and logical equilibrium. However the planets have aligned and forces of nature and man have conspired to move me from calm, cool and collected into the realm of discomforted, distressed and discombobulated. I need to get some sleep. I want to get some retail therapy. I desire a little me time. And I’m overdue for a haircut. I had such wonderful plans for the last weekend but the weather did not cooperate. I had to deal with the snow – lots of snow. I fought my way through the grocery store parking lot and plowed through the crowded aisles to get a single gallon of milk and some pizza crusts. The snow plow cleared our street by pushing a 4 foot high wall of snow across the end of our driveway. And I had to dig my way into my drive and clear a path into the garage. And I had to cancel plans to drive to Shipshewana to buy cheese. And I wasn’t able to go for my haircut or to use my coupon at JCPenney’s for $10 off a $25 purchase. And I was thwarted in my plans to peruse Goodwill and Salvation Army. The only bright spot was taking a good long nap. I needed the nap and my sore muscles needed the nap and there wasn’t anything else to do since the snow was piling up and I was so tired from being on call and having the weather play havoc with the HVAC system… In short, if I were a drinker I’d have several empties laying around! Instead I’ve been eating ibuprofen for my back and sipping hot chocolate to help me relax. Today is another fun day and I’m hoping that although it is a Monday, there are no dramas, traumas, or hallucinatory llamas. But you never know about Mondays.

12 thoughts on “Looking Discombobulated

  1. Living in TX I had completely forgotten snow plows piling it at the end of your drive. Good thing we decided to retire here.

    Hope the rest of your week turns around.


    1. We are supposed to have a melt by Wednesday and no more snow until Friday. We’ll probably have a school delay due to fog (which is what happens when the warmer air hits the mountains of snow piled everywhere)! I’m hoping the rest of the week is calm and relaxed.


  2. The Midwest has surely had its share,and ours, of deep snow. I wish I had a fleet of refrigerator trucks, to bring some of your white precip down here. Here’s to a week without hallucinatory llamas.


    1. Thanks Gary. I’d love to get share of some of this white stuff. So far there are no llamas to be found – real or imaginary. I don’t know what would be worse, a real llama in pink pajamas or an imaginary one on the loose!

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  3. My van hasn’t left the driveway since last Thursday. Yesterday I cleared a 3-foot tall, 2-foot thick mountain of compressed snow boulders the snowplow left at the bottom of my driveway. I had to take a break after that. Walked to the post office and home and after opening the mail I needed to walk to the bank. Eventually I was able to go out and shovel the rest of my driveway. I needed two Tramadol last night and am still sore this morning. I hate snow. I hate winter. I hate February. Bleh.


    1. Yes. February is the bleakest month. On the bright side, tomorrow is supposed to get up to the low 40s and Thursday is supposed to be even warmer. That means the snow will start to melt (at least the stuff that isn’t mounded into snow castles)… I still have some summer tops of yours in my car.


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