Looking Like a Virgin

Today’s episode 16 of Looking Back is brought to you by heartburn and severe intestinal distress. I really have to be more careful about what I eat. I seem to have a very bad reaction to peppers – especially jalapeno peppers and spicy red peppers…

I might have mentioned that college was an education beyond the classroom. I had blown off high school without a thought but college was different. I had decided that I wanted to know everything. I was a “nose to the grindstone” kind of student. My professors loved me or at least tried in a literal sense. It was shocking. I’m sure my parents never would have believed that a strict Catholic college would allow that kind of behavior. And they didn’t. It was a very small school so they had a cooperative agreement with the local community college. St. Hedwig would provide advanced history, Latin and Greek language courses and in return Southwestern Community College would allow us to take the upper level chemistry, math and English classes. Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl. First it was my English professor. He was ancient but not dead yet. He tried but I was so green that all he accomplished was to make me laugh. My linear algebra professor was much smoother. I think back and realize he had years of practice seducing young girls. He made me feel like I was the smartest student in the class. He complimented me. He had me come to his office for discussions ‘concerning my grade’. Then he started giving me little gifts – a candy bar, a mechanical pencil, and a key ring. They were little nothings. Then he asked me to get a coffee after class. Then it was lunch and eventually it was dinner. By the time he asked me to come to his house for dinner, I was completely comfortable with saying yes. He seemed very mature but in retrospect he was probably in his late 30s. We had sex on his living room floor. It was a complete disappointment as far as I was concerned. He seemed to really enjoy himself. I figured I wasn’t doing something right.


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