Looking Soggy

It has been raining. I’m talking about a constant heavy rain. And the temperatures got up to the high 50’s on Tuesday which melted most of the snow. Everywhere you looked there was standing water. I tried to avoid a deep puddle in front of my mailbox by stepping into the grass. That was a huge mistake. The ground is totally saturated. When I stepped on the grass, the water squirted out as if I’d stomped on a water logged sponge. Backing up to Monday, it poured all night and our poor, nearly old enough to purchase booze, sump pump was on all night. I had troubled dreams and suggested to Sparky that it might be a good idea to purchase a back-up sump pump – just in case.

Tuesday night I arrived home still damp from dashing to the car in the pouring rain. Because Sparky was working late, I was eating alone. I had just sat down to eat when I realized I needed a beverage (we keep the supply in the basement). I made it to the bottom of the stairs and stepped down onto the “exercise mat” only to have it “float” away. I didn’t fall down but did do a hydroplane-windmill-squawking like a wounded goose kind of dance. I managed to get the pictures off the floor and moved the weight bench, chair, and floor lamps back from the rising flood. I proceeded to deploy towels. I was brave and pulled up the interlocking foam exercise mat and got that dried off and relocated to a dry area. I used almost all the junk towels from my basement stash. Then I got my water and went back upstairs to eat. As I was taking my first bite, Sparky texted me asking “Can you check the basement for water?” I told him it was wet and that we didn’t have enough towels. After a few back and forth texts he called. When he got home at 10:30 PM he went to work trying to sop up the water.

We initially thought the source was the basement window wells. Ever since he built the raised garden on that side of the house, the drainage has been slightly wonky. Seems the water was filling the windows wells and running down the wall behind the drywall and seeping out at the baseboards. We worked until after midnight in an effort to mitigate the flooding. Sparky must have collected 7 five gallon buckets of water from the back corner of the basement. Most things were in plastic storage bins so we didn’t lose anything – except sleep! He had Wednesday and Thursday off and that was a very good thing since it continued to rain! Thursday morning he informed me that although there had been water in the window wells, he suspects a more serious issue. Namely he thinks there might possibly be a crack in the foundation! The basement as of Thursday night was mostly dry and all the towels had been dried and are waiting to be deployed. Just when we thought the rain had stopped, the weather anchor announced that there will be a few more showers Thursday night into Friday!

There is extensive flooding in the area. Our water issues are minor compared to those unfortunate enough to live next to the water! I have 2 coworkers who are stranded and unable to leave their homes because all roads are flooded. That coupled with 2 others out sick (and one just now recovering from the flu – the real flu) meant we were very busy today! The high water in the river has resulted in a goodly section of downtown blocked off for safety. I’m hoping the river has already crested since the river is within 2 feet of flooding the Century Center where my ceramics studio is in the basement.

16 thoughts on “Looking Soggy

  1. So you decided the sump was working? I grew up with a house with a basement but it didn’t even have a sump. My sister’s house did as she lived beside a river. One year it didn’t do a bit of good as the river ran over.


    1. The sump is fine – old but still doing its job. I was just worried that at its age it might give out… I grew up without a basement so never experienced the horrors of a flooded basement!


  2. That’s one of the reasons I live in Caliornia! We get excited when there’s a showing of rain spots on the ground — and this morning it’s sunny and windy and cold, but it’s snowing on the mountains! I hope your foundation isn’t truly cracked, and it’s some other easier-to-fix issue instead!


    1. Seems there isn’t a happy medium. I’d love to give you some of this extra water. There is supposed to be another half inch of rain overnight, tomorrow morning will be the test. I’m really hoping the basement stays dry…


  3. That’s a lot of water. It’s rained a pretty good bit around here but not as much as where you are. We are close to 80 today (were yesterday too) and tomorrow..then it’ll go back to 60’s and maybe down to the 50’s. It’s crazy weather here.
    I hope your foundation isn’t cracked. Scary.


    1. The weather has gone crazy. It was nearly 60 and then it got down to freezing for 2 days and now its supposed to get to 50 tomorrow. No wonder we are in he midst of a flu outbreak and that on top of the flooding! The trees and spring flowers are so confused. I’m hoping this doesn’t ruin the fruit crops this year…


  4. Is there anything I can do? I can bring you my stash of old towels and help you move bins. There is flooding in my area, too, but I’m nowhere near the river and too far from the creek for it to affect me. Every time the county road commission updates the list of closed roads, I read through it and every other line I think, “Oh, there’s a geocache at that corner!” Ol Dude is going to have a lot of maintenance to perform once the water goes down.


    1. Thanks for the offer but we are under control for the time being. Tomorrow will be the test – with the rain predicted overnight. I hope we are dry in the morning! I can’t imagine the geocaches along the country “roads” in your area… I don’t think I’d want to attempt any of his new ones even for a FTF!


    1. Yes he did! I’m sorry he hasn’t responded – we’ve been a little busy trying to get things dried out. And no we are not spending his gift on the basement clean-up. That would be like spending it on groceries and I know how you feel about that!!!


    1. My ceramics are fine as is the Century Center but the river is about 2 feet from flooding the lower level of the complex. Luckily the art museum is on the 2nd floor. In other news my basement is dry even after a little rain yesterday!

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  5. We have had a drought that decided to end last week with several days of drenching rain. So now we are worried about flooding as well! I hope you stay dry and that the river has indeed crested. Whatever happened to spreading things out, is what I want to know?


    1. We are continuing to stay dry but there is so much damage to roads and even bridges that I’m not sure things will be back to normal in even a year. Too many people lost everything. Some FB chatter tried to put the blame on the home owners for building a house “in a flood plane” but most of the people flooded out were just renters or bought the house not knowing it was built in an area that floods. Sad.


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