Looking at the University Experience

Here is episode 18 of Looking Back. This story seems to wander all over the place but there is a method to my madness. I am from Indiana where we have had, in the recent past, the motto “Wander Indiana” emblazoned on the license plates.

They say that eventually you find your tribe and that “birds of a feather flock together”. College proved that to be untrue. I didn’t find my clique but I found diversion. There were a couple of girls that were friendly but only in a pleasant superficial way. We’d bump into each other during lectures. I could eat with them without feeling out of place. One recommended a good tattoo parlor. The other introduced me to sushi and kimchee. On the academic side, I took archery as the fulfillment of the physical education courses. I was good enough to make the archery team. The attraction of being on the team was that we got to travel to other schools to compete. I managed to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing with a minor in poetry. My parents weren’t too thrilled that I spent 4 years earning a college degree that didn’t make me more employable. The German professor was good for a few laughs and she introduced me to people who made connections to others that held the promise of a job overseas. All in all I graduated with mad archery skills, proficiency in German and French, and an excellent command of the English language, the ability to pick a lock, 2 tattoos, and a job in the syphilis capital of the US. You thought I’d finally realize my dream of living and working in Europe. Nope, it didn’t happen.

16 thoughts on “Looking at the University Experience

  1. Is the syphilis capital a real designation? Hilarious! I thought my town of Baltimore was bad: Famous for Crabs and Murder… Or, if you want to go old school: The City that Reads is the City that Breeds.

    Seriously, this vignette about the college experience nails it. Of course, in my day we just got hammered in the student center (drinking age = 18) and later, if you had a really good friend, they’d pull you out of the bushes and roll you home. 🙂


    1. I’m going to assume that it was a witty and amusing comment! Sparky has Sat and Sunday off – if the weather is nice do you want to get a few geocaches? I still have some items in a bag in my car for you!


  2. She hired Two Men and a Truck to move her next weekend. They’re coming to my house first for the piano and my kitchen table. I’ll have to get up early and actually get dressed. Sigh.


    1. Your kitchen table?! Where will you eat or do puzzles?! Wait! Does this mean you will be visiting the “big city” to shop for a table?? Do you have any evening plans for Sat 3-10? I may need a partner in crime.


    1. Ha! No it isn’t SB. However depending on the search year and the statistical source it could be: NYC, Chicago, San Antonio, LA, San Diego, Boston, or Atlanta. For the story it was San Antonio.

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  3. I like it! I think this would make a really good book but you need to kind of sort of beef it up a bit. However, she sounds like such an interesting character! I would like to know what she looks like, and I can’t remember if you described her….. as she looks while telling us all this about her life.


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